Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My Camera is Broken

...which totally sucks because I have so much knitting to show! I finished my cable socks (seriously, that's a pair of socks in under two months- unheard of!) and am about ten inches into my bridesmaid shawl that I started a week ago today, AND I am 3/5 done my traveling bag which is on hold till I finish the shawl cause my friend's wedding is on the 16th of May. I even started working on my ancient knee high socks that I don't know if I like anymore but oh well. Been working on those since... well... 2005 I think. Maybe 2006. They were my first expensive yarn purchase project. When they are done I'll get your opinion.

I'm still alive. All is good. I just don't feel I can blog without photos. It's weird.

My straight hair is bloody amazing. I get so many compliments on it and I just love playing with it. Completely rejuvenated my relationship with my hair. I figure I've shaved my head, dyed it every colour under the sun- it was about time to straighten it!

And I cannot beat boss #4 on Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass for DS. CANNOT!!! Sucks.


Anonymous said...

Yay you're alive! And you have fabulous hair! Life does not get much better than that. :) Miss you girl!

Sheena said...

Which one is Boss #4?? I can't remember!
We should do Mariokart again.

Anonymous said...

Buy a new camera hon. Fast!!!! It is a necessity, not a luxury. How did the Vic pics turn out? Love Mom