Thursday, April 15, 2010

Still here!

Yup, still here. Still a little bit sick. *coughcough*

Currently, I'm listening to Rufus Wainwright's new album 'All Days are Nights' which is the first CD I've bought for at least a year. I think the last one I bought was Martha Wainwright.

Lala is running all crazy through the house because that's what she does. Spike is running crazy too because even though he still has food in his dish he wants to eat Lala's food and I won't let him. Lala eats duck while Spike is on a reduced calorie diet. Can't say I blame him for trying. It's pretty funny~ he'll take flying leaps at her dish and gobble a bite before running away as I yell at him.

I had a daydream that I got my heart tattoo done and now cannot stop thinking about it.

I found my camera charger! Stupidly I left it in Vernon but thankfully found it on our surprise trip home. I'll have a photo happy blog soon. I just wanted to post this way to say hi.

Lost my knitting mojo though. And it's not cause I'm quilting like a mad woman. I'm just not knitting. I'm currently making a miniquilt for my grandparents. Just wait till you see the fabric.

While sick I got obsessed with a facebook game. People may need to stage an intervention. I'm hoping once I get my second unicorn I'll be able to get rid of the game. It's bad. And you know what gets me mad? I'm totally willing to pay 20$ for fun PC games you know? Like Plants vs. Zombies and the like. Fun games that I enjoy. So I was thinking that I would look into maybe putting 20$ into the game to 'take it to the next level' right? Wrong. These games are HORRIBLE! 20$ is nothing in these games, it's like gambling! You have to put in more and more and more and it is just so wrong. I thought 20$ would 'unlock' the full game but no~ 20$ gets you like... one animal in a zoo of hundreds. It's quite immoral if you ask me. They recommend the 100$ 'best deal' option. ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS FOR A FACEBOOK GAME?!?!?!??!?!?! The Civilization pack I'm looking into which has all four civs is 50$ and is infinitely better on all levels.

Woah, the air is thin on that soapbox. Let me step down. Ahhhh...

I bought sheep's milk gouda and made the best freaking mac and cheese on the face of the earth tonight. Then I had a strawberry lime spinach salad. Mmmmmm.....

Currently, I'm going to bed. Sweet dreams!


P'cess said...

I'm not sure if you just posted this and now I look like i"m stalking you, or if it's been a while and I look like a normal person. I was thinking that maybe to get your knittin' mojo back, we could have a little date where we switch projects... Like you knit on my feather and fan with the o so sumptuous Fleece Artist Nyoni, and I knit the cuff of your kneesock? That way, you get to try out a new pattern and yarn without the guilt of casting on, and your sock gets closer to being done... which in my experience is great for mojo... done things are awesome! How bout it?

Alyria said...

I enjoy your blogs :P If you find a good game to play let me know. Plants vs. Zombies had me hooked for at least half a year! : )