Thursday, April 29, 2010

Freaky Tired in that Good Way

My good friend Jodi got into town on Monday. We've done so much it feels like she's been here for weeks. Let me show in an excessive amount of photos just how much we did in the first 26 hours.
We are cute.

So Jodi got here at 2:00pm on Monday. Around 3 we left for Fabricana where we spent a few hours or so...
Jodi got some pretty awesome fabric to make a mini quilt. Afterwards we went to a very big mall, got some bellinis, and then went to IHOP for dinner (chocolate chip pancakes).

The next morning we left a little later than expected because of bad kitties waking us up at 4am; however, we found ourselves waiting for a bus at a good hour.
A little bit later we found ourselves in Stanley Park, surrounded by green green and green.
Jodi is very happy.
Pretty soon we were at the aquarium. Worth every single penny. I'll let the photos talk for themselves.
(This guy reminded me of Spike~ it's the Fangs)
One of the famous sea otters. You don't want to know how many photos I took of the Jellyfish.

After that it was time for Japadog. It's always time for Japadog.
Jodi got this bag at Aquarium and after Japadog she was able to put a book in it.
From the Vancouver Art Gallery amazing Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit. I'm so glad Jodi liked it, the exhibit wasn't for everyone but Jodi and I loved it!
Then we went to Granville Island to get some super yummy fresh pasta and four cheese sauce and....
So at 4pm on Tuesday as we laid exhausted in the middle of a coffee shop I looked at Jodi and commented that we do too much.

Since then we have walked up and down Main street, visited UBC, went to Julia's for dinner and boardgames, and all the while I was still working halfdays on Monday and Wednesday, worked all day today as well. Pretty tired, but it's just been the best week ever.

Spike and Lala are planning their 3:30am debacle.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog highlighting your visit with Jodi. You did indeed pack a wallop into the few days you spent together. Thank you for the pictures and the write ups. I love the pic of the kitties. Very cute. Love Mom