Monday, May 03, 2010

Unexpected Awesomeness

Sunday Morning, May 2nd, 2010. I wake up at 6:30. I had kinda convinced myself the night before that I wasn't going to get up, I would roll over, text my dear friend, and go back to bed. But I did get up. It was fine.

I was headed to a craft fair with P'cess. There were swag bags for the first 30 people and the doors opened at 10am. I remembered when I first read this thinking I would head over at 9:30. I was back and forth about going because I'm pretty broke right now, so I knew I couldn't buy anything, but I figured if I got a swag bag, it would even out the not buying anything.

Saturday morning however, as I was spending a lovely morning with P'cess, she mentioned wanting to go early for the swag bags as well. Though, she mentioned being there a tad bit earlier than I had planned. A whole two hours earlier. 7:30am. Two and a half hours before the doors opened. Crrrrrraaaazy. I think I told her that. Several times. That being said, despite my misgivings, she convinced me. It would be fun, she said, hanging out and knitting, and the swag bag would be neat.

Saturday night I really started to doubt going though. I couldn't, in my own mind, justify getting up and going that early. And let's be clear, I'm not judging those who did, I'm saying for me. I love P'cess and lots of other knitters who were there just as early, it's just not my priority per say. I think the deciding factor was that I do love all these other knitters and hey, hanging out and knitting is always fun. So after some last second texts, P'cess talked me back into it.

Anyhoo, got up, was a little hyper because I didn't sleep so I did that thing were instead of being tired you are just kinda insane and bused over to P'cess' place, then we drove down to the craft fair. We arrived at 7:45.

We were too late.

Yup, people started getting there around 6am. My friends who got there just after seven were 25th and 26th.

Now, not saying I wouldn't have enjoyed myself if I had stayed, or dissing those that did, or trying to justify my morning because I didn't get a swag bag, but it turned out to be really okay. Both P'cess and I were disappointed sure, but it was still fine. We hung out for about fifteen minutes chatting to some lovelies, got us the best coffee in Vancouver (or the world), and then went out for an awesome breakfast where we got a lot of knitting done and I got to make lots of faces at a very cute beeb sitting behind us.

I didn't go to the craft fair and P'cess drove me home. It meant that I was home around 10am, having hung out with friends, gone to a new place for breakfast, and had great coffee. It was a really nice way to start the day. It energized me for the day and I was super productive. I can't show you what I'm working on because they are all gifts but I can show you some awesome fabric I bought before I realized how broke I was.


Jenn said...

Bummer about the swag - but awesome fabric!

I, despite being horribly sick, have managed to replant my one lilac bush from yesterday, water the things I planted this weekend, wash all the dirt off of M's slide (he has a new shovel.. everything now has dirt on it), and not completely destroy the clean kitchen Jim was kind enough to leave for me.

P'cess said...

I had a fabulous time and I'm 'sorta' glad that it didn't work out because breakfast was awesome and I love taking people there!
Also glad to know I can be so convincing ;)