Friday, August 28, 2009


Finished knitting the beast. All in all it didn't take that long~ I think if I had stuck to it it would have only taken two weeks. Big needles and holding two strands of cascade makes knitting FLY! The bag is huge and I take it for a proper felting on Monday.

I really hope that I stick to finishing this bag and not just let it languish now that I'm done knitting. It needs a lot of work still: felting, plastic canvas along the bottom, bag feet, lining, zipper, and handles.

Good thing it's pretty.
In other news, here's my friend Kat!
Oh no! Where did she go?!?!?!?!
I think one of the reasons I like fair isle is because it reminds me of tattoos and the such. Especially the beast. Wouldn't that design be awesome as a sleeve tattoo? I know right?

This is my latest one. It's a little impulsive but I just needed to get something done while waiting for the planned tattoo. It's also only 24 hours old as of right now. It's on my right hip and is much smaller than this photo makes it out to be. I like to explain most of my tattoos~ I talk and talk about their meaning and what they represent but this one is pretty self-explanatory.


Angela said...

Love the bag and the tattoo!

Jen said...

So I'm guessing the beast probably was not a bus project.

Love the tattoo...still revving up to getting my first ink.

Anonymous said...

What you did there, with covering Kat with your bag.....very funny! Can't wait to see your bag felted - the pattern is so pretty!