Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back in Van

I left Friday night for home for a very day and then Julia drove me home today. I got to see tonnes of family and eat lots of great food. I have photos but that's a whole other blog post. I didn't get as much Jenn time because I became rather sick on Saturday. I blame it on my random thought last Thursday which was 'gee, I haven't been sick once for this whole contract!' and then my immune system was like 'just wait'.

Stupid immune system.

And in other news, as of today, I'm still unemployed until September so I should be blogging more. And knitting more! Check out what I did in just two days!I finished the first one in the car today and kept on going. I'm loving the stripes of the yarn (noro) but I did rip out a giant chunk of green in the second sock so that the whole thing wouldn't be green. They are very happy socks. If all things go well I'll finish the second one by Thursday to show the group!

Now I'm off to drink more tea and bundle up with the kitties. They are very happy to see me. Thankfully the only thing they decided to kill this time was a bag of flour that survived. Only the first layer of paper was ripped and it didn't open when they knocked if off the counter. Good flour. Oh, and they knocked over and broke a computer speaker but I put the screen back on and it seems to be fine. Otherwise, no pieces of bread scattered throughout the apartment, Spike didn't eat something and puke it up everywhere, no broken dishes, no ripped open bags of oats... a pretty successful trip away!

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