Friday, July 30, 2010

You Give Me Fever.... Bastard

Nothing like a sinus infection to bring about a fever in this heat. THANKS BODY! It means not only am I sick but I also am sweaty and have that glazed drunkard look about me. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. Sexy. I know.

Done teaching so the creative side is taking over. I have the buttons on my cardigan (thanks to the wise council of Ms. Welford Purls) and I'll take a photo when I'm not, you know, the sexbomb as mentioned above. I also made an awesome pie the other night (I do all my baking around midnight to avoid the heat) and last night I made dumplings! They were so good. I made around 20 and realized I bought enough wrapped for around 100 so um, we should have a dumpling party soon. Oh, and back to the pie. I tossed the sliced apples with honey, cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar, and a bit of lemon juice and zest, and let them sit for an hour before putting them in the pie. Next pie though I'm making my own dough.

Can't quilt because I can't iron in this heat but am knitting. I had to knit the button band to my cardigan twice (sigh) but...

finished my sock! That is the SECOND sock. In less than a week! (sure my needles are a whopping 3mm but I grabbed them running out the door to the airport so :P it's still an accomplishment) I'm so proud.

Now you might be thinking... isn't the other sock radically different?
Well yes. Same skein of Noro though! The white is higgens-clark or whatever that company is. But you can see the teal on the toe of the first sock that starts on the second one. I love these socks. I don't mind the yarn, a lot of people commented that they are itchy but I don't notice. I may wash them in conditioner but frankly, it's all good. I love the hearty wool socks.

And they love each other. As Meg noted, they don't match, but they 'go'.

My next project is a hat I'm knitting out of some yummy yarn Ms. Beentsy got me awhile back. It's to go with these buttons I picked up with Rachel that I had to buy. Rachel suggested a hat to go with them.

How could I not buy them?

So um.... other random things I found when I downloaded my photos this morning. Much like bags at an airport~ why you should never leave your camera unattended.

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hee. pic made me laugh.