Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oh August, how you rocked

It is with a sad heart (and a very empty wallet) (oh, and a liver crying for respite) that we bid adieu to lovely August. I don't have much to say as I'm trying to go to bed early and get up early in order to function come September but I thought I'd leave you with a few photos and some commentary on just a few of the things that went down in August.

These are in no order since apparently I am not smarter than the uploader here on blogger and I hate moving the pictures around.

I worked on some fears, even though that isn't a goal of mine, it's just a fact of life that it's something you have to do in order to see things like the Cheese Rolling Festival. Here's a photo from the gondola at Whistler.
I watched my brother in law delight in train tracks.
Our nephew was there too but I'm pretty sure it was all part of Jason's guise.
At Deep Cove, I faced up to an irrational fear of water as I swam in the ocean to a very deep part where I couldn't see the bottom of the water (don't worry Mom (and Erica) there were lifeguards on duty and we didn't go past the safety lines).
It was really freaking cold.

I also hiked to the that rock quarry you see out to the top left of this photo.
And ate lunch at the top. Here is a view from that rock, which was crowed with silly people and dogs...
so we hiked to an even higher rock and finished our lunch there, enjoying the stillness.
I spent a whole spool of good thread and quite a bit of a day and finished 16.6% of the quilt (6 strips, all sewn, all sewn together~ it's another blog post).
I already love it. Even if it turns out to be an indistinguishable blue blob, I love it.

I spun on my wheel for the first time successfully. I first made some spiffy artsy yarn.
And then knit it into the funkiest cowl ever (cannot wait for snow now!).
I also spun up my Sweet Georgia and couldn't be happier with it. I didn't spin this one artsy but I'm happy with the weight. I won't be spinning lace on my wheel any time soon (or ever, it's kinda a clunker) but I love the yarn even more.
It's all imperfect but awesome.

I also finished part one in the Sari-Sisters-Bag project (still need to line this one but have cast on for the second one).
I went to a pretty skookum wedding (well it was a whole weekend thingie) which will get it's own post but here are some photos.

Jim and Jenn (take three, either Jim looked possessed or Jenn was blinking).
Julia gave a wonderful speech.
My only shot of the bride and groom! But I love how demure Jess is looking here.
Mom stayed all night! She danced till the wee hours and then let me led her astray in my drunkedness at 1am. I apparently insisted upon driving past my old schools. I'm sure it was a very good time.
I got snuggles from Mr. Malcolm pants.
We golfed and ate wondeful food (at the pre-wedding party fun-ness).
I wore my handknitted by Erica skirt for the first time! It's a gorgeous skirt!
No pictures from Gibsons because I forgot my camera but here is the only yarn I returned with. Rachel and I deemed it 'old sun bleached out cabin on the beach with a trellis of dried roses in PEI'.
I painted a friend's table and then tried to sneak it home with me. More photos of this process (cause wowza, was it a process) when my monitor doesn't register this whole thing as yellow. (oh yeah, did I tell you my monitor fried up the red chip so now everything is blue or yellow? Makes my brain hurt. I hate samsung.)

Lala and Spike bonded!
I drew a jellyfish on my arm with the waiter's pen at Whistler. What round were we on when I did this Sheena? And the next morning I dyed the bathtub blue getting it off but oh well.
I went insane with sorting.

And colouring.
And Lala stayed the same size but got cuter every day.
I also knit a hat. Cause, between that and the cowl, I may have been wishing for cooler days.
Spike's health has improved dramatically~ most of this change being visible through the change in his behaviour. He's back to his usual ways of shoving himself into small spaces and scratching me. Woooo Spike!
And now, it is ten minutes to twelve, and I am headed to bed. Sweet dreams, and see you in September. Which I think will be equally awesome, but not so.... tipsy. Tata!


bitchnstitches said...

Aw, Spike! So glad he's feeling better. (Hobbes is a box cat too, who likes to shove himself in small spaces. It's hilarious.)

Jenn said...

I love picture blogs!

jess said...

such a great post! and such nice pics of the fam.

as for me, i am demure. i think that is an adjective that i use about myself CONSTANTLY. heh.

P'cess said...

That red dress is H.O.T on you!