Sunday, August 29, 2010


I need to get up earlier tomorrow than I have all month but do I go to sleep at a decent hour? No. I decide to blog. Hiya! If the whether is nice than I'm going to Deep Cove for a hike and a swim but if it's crummy than I'm knitting at a friend's house while drinking green tea. Win/win.

So Whistler. It was pretty awesome. It's a real collision of worlds up there. The people who actually do athletic stuff, and those who don't. I didn't really go up with any money but another day I would love to hike up around there.

We went up during Crankworks which was interesting. A very diverse crowd of people who ride hardcore, people associated with those people, and people who go up to be complete posers, and people associated with those posers. I know I'm sounding judgmental but you would not believe some of the people up there.

Anyhoo, Sheena and I had a blast. We both were broke so no 85$ manicure or 40$ for the big gondola (you had to pay for the peak to peak gondola even if you weren't going on it and we all know I would actually start screaming hysterically before I even set foot on it). We got in the line up for the free gondola which was okay. I'm usually better going up than down on gondolas.

On the way down I had to not look or talk to anyone.
Anyhoo, we got to the cheese rolling festival. It's when you throw an 11 pound wheel of cheese down a very steep hill and 20 people go tearing after it and after a few races the winner gets a pass to Whistler. It's amazing what people will do for a pass to Whistler. You don't actually try to catch the cheese and it goes 65mph but you have to try to be one of the first to cross the finish line. And it doesn't matter how you cross it either. Apparently this started in England 200 years ago. Sheena and I got a great place to sit about halfway up the hill and had a gorgeous view.
It's a very steep hill.

Eek. Contestants had to wear helmets, but the body armor that was provided was optional. You kinda wish more people choose body armor.
It's really hard to describe the speed at which participants flew down the hill, or the violence in which they fell. It was rather brutal and really took me by surprise. Still enjoyed it though, but yeah, you have to be pretty insane to compete in this. I have no good pictures of the spills but here's a few with some action.

Afterwards we went all around the shops and bought rather spiffy hats. Mine was slightly impractical (a fedora isn't well known for keeping the sun out but my did I look spiffy).

After that we tried to ignore the gorgeous outdoors but Sheena's boyfriend dragged us to slopestyle. I was very skeptical because it was sooooo crowded and I though we wouldn't be able to see anything but once again we managed to get great seats to view things.

Here's one insane dude coming off the ramp.
And another insane dude doing the 25 foot high 20 foot wide jump of doom. It was kinda bonkers. We were also right by the giant screen so the big jump at the bottom that we couldn't see we could still watch. We stayed for the first round of bikers but the dust and the heat really grates on you.
Very much worth it though~ experiences a lot of things that weekend are very memorable. Drew a jellyfish aaaaalllllll over my arm at one point. That was cool.

Okay, I'm so tired I cannot write anymore. Whistler was awesome and I couldn't have gone up with a better couple to have that weekend with. Hopefully I'll have some pictures of deep cove for you tomorrow!


yarnpiggy said...

Dude: two words for you if you go to the Cove tomorrow:

Honey. Doughnuts.

That is all.

bitchnstitches said...

I totally know what you mean about Whistler people. I lived there for 4 months and couldn't wait to leave!

Sheena said...

I forgot about the jelly fish! Did you get a picture of that?

I'm glad you enjoyed Whistler; thanks for coming with! I LOVE our hats! :)

Also, you got some great shots!