Friday, December 31, 2010

This Should Be Fun

I have my camera back! All rejoice! I have lots to catch up on but first is the big New Years Resolution. I read a good article about keeping resolutions and the part I really liked is having friends doing the same thing. Hence, the great yarn diet and stash busting of 2011! Yarnpiggy started up a great group on Ravelry and thankfully I caught the end of the registration for this competition. You could enter one group or the other (the yarn diet and the knitting only from your pre-existing stash) but entering both seemed like a good idea.

I spent my time between Ikea (biggest bookshelf thingie ever) and New Years dinner (yummy dairy-free mac n' cheese (with bacon!) and a lemon buttercup martini!) going through my yarn. I went through and for the most part, designed a design or at least an idea for all the yarn for 2011. I know I already showed it in this video so if you want to skip this post, no hard feelings.

So first I have some pretty random stuff that will go to baby things. Lots of baby things this year.

Some rainbow acrylic....
my fantastic novelty yarn (I think more hedgehogs are in order)...
my bamboo tape that I have no idea what to do with but gosh darnit I have a lot of it!
my assorted neutral colour collection of odds and ends...
and my massive collection of odds and ends. I have some mohair in here, some cashmere, some sparkly, some malabrigo, some linen (knitting with that is less fun than stabbing a fork in your eye), some sari yarn, lots of sock yarns and cascade, and goodness know what else.
Either baby toys or baby knits or a reallllllly ugly blanket. We'll have to wait and see what the year brings I guess.

On to the good stuff!

First, my two blankets of the year. I have here the makings of a beautiful arrrgyle baby blanket out of some extravagent blue sky alpaca.
Second is my yarn from my Mom for my UNBC grad. Fleece artist goodness and lots of it. This will make an amazing blanket and it will be an easy knit so I'm excited to start.
Next are the scarves!

A striped scarf out of my brushed suri (it's red and white since Lala was obscuring the light in this photo)
and a Noro striped scarf out of my two silky malabrigo skeins that are similar, but really not quite the same.
Shawls are big this year.

This is hopefully going to be citron, but frankly, no promises. That stitch count gets pretty ridiculous pretty quickly. This yarn was a present from Katy for kittysitting and is Hand Maiden Silk. Mmmmmm......
Here's a trio of shawls to be. The blue shibui should hopefully become Holden, no idea for the blue sweet georgia, but the pink will be cast on for the Laminaria tonight.
I have no idea what to do with my laceweight but I want to dye it afterwards so we'll see. We'll see. I might just be crazy enough to try Sound of Waves again. Maybe.
These skeins are going to be a very warm and loving Gaenor I think.
On to the sweaters! Oh so exciting! Aren't you excited?!?!?

Another Paper Dolls out of STR (Bleeding Hearts Colourway)...
a steeked colourwork cardigan out of Kauni....
no idea but something warm and toasty out of my BFL from Gibsons...
and a Lace Hug Me Tight out of my birthday yarn (Sugar cane yarn! For reals!).
Those are all the project assigned yarns. I hope you all know that I can change my mind at any given second for any yarn or project, and then go back to the original plan if so desired, at any passing whim. I'm loyal to yarn, not so much projects, but the yarn, yeah.

I found some yarn while cleaning too. Which is good because that yarn in the left upper hand corner is my beloved vintage yarn. The middle yellow is going to become a shawl for sure.
This is unassigned good yarn that is being left until the mood strikes.

And here it is! My 2011 Project Bag! 2 Blankets, 4 sweaters, 2 scarves, and 7 shawls! Whooo!
Know if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go curl up with a hot chocolate, a couple of kitties, my 2010 shawl to finish and my 2011 shawl to start.

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for reading, cause, you know, that's pretty cool of you. Hugs!


Mom said...

And thank you for writing, Leone. I loved my walk through memory yarn with you and all your projects sound wonderful. Love Mom

Kat said...

I'm loving reading about your plans.
Very inspiring! I want to get through some of my fabric stash this year, but I'm not holding out any hope for the yarn stash, since designing seems involve getting more yarn.

On that note, I would totally buy some neutral coloured fingering yarn from you if you would like to sell any. I want to make that striped triangular scarf you showed me, and I have a dark blue/brown varigated Fleece Artist that will work great.

rachel said...

i am excited to see all of your projects in 2011 - can't wait to cast on next to you on some :)