Saturday, December 04, 2010

Xmas List

It's hard to blog without my camera. I think I left it in Vernon. I'm so absent-minded and dyslexicesque these days it's a gong-show. I've said such classics as 'let's brain our pools' and 'the streets on the light went out'.

I'm pretty stressed but thankfully I have a tonne of awesome things in my life (family, friends, kitties, knitting, living in beautiful cities). The best thing about Christmas is I get to have all these things around me. And I get to show the people how much I care with presents! And I have already started to think about what I'm going to get them! Honest thoughts about what people might like! I think shopping with start sometime around the 18th. Should be fun.

Another fun part of Christmas is getting to do xmas lists. I don't necessarily expect I will get the things on the list and frankly, every Christmas presents that rock my world are ones I may not have even thought of so the list is more decorative than anything else, if you will. Holy long sentence, Christmas Batman. I just enjoy making these lists. It's fun to think about things and to look around and poke around and idly imagine. You should make one too.

So here is my xmas list for 2010.

  1. Loose Tea I am nearly all out of tea. It's a pathetic way to live life let me tell you (I still have a lot of green tea, it's the herbal and specialty black I'm low on).
  2. Kitty Scratching Post Poor kitties. I daydream of one that is pretty high and has some hidey holes and dangling toys. They've pretty much destroyed their current one and Spike puked on it yesterday.
  3. Ceramic sugar bowl or coffee mug These are my favorite. I like any hand-made mug. They make me happy.
  4. Yarn Gift Certificates (link) I'm thinking 2011 will be a time for sweater knitting. I love getting skeins of yarn and my family is great at picking them out, but for people who aren't sure, gift certificates are a great way for me to get enough of the same yarn for a big project.
  5. Fabric Quilting is awesome. And yes, the hammer head shark is going to take me longer than expected but that's no reason to collect more fabric in the meantime. I like Moda, Amy Butler, anything that is fun and quirky. Basics are great too.
  6. Acrylic paint/paintbrushes That one's pretty self-explanatory.
  7. Graphic Novels Bone(never mind, bought them), The Sandman, any well done, interesting, and beautiful books.
  8. Interesting and/or Multi Picture frames I want to do some more decorating around here.
  9. 2011 calendar book, softcover and pretty, that will fit in my purse.
  10. Cardigans I like cardigans.
  11. ETA: Crockpot!
Now I'm all cheery. AND I just took a quilt out of the dryer. I'll take some photos with my cellphone and show you the blurry goodness soon. Promises.

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j-lou said...

uhhhh since i have to drive you home, i'd like to suggest that any kitty scratching posts are pocket sized