Monday, January 03, 2011

Giant Bookshelf

For Xmas I received a lot of gift certificates to Ikea. These are good times people. I went there with a vague idea (haha, I wrote 'ikea') of what I wanted but was pretty open to inspiration. While, inspiration hit and woah, dudes, I got an incredibly huge bookshelf for 100$ off the original price. Little did I know this bookshelf was going to TAKE OVER THE APARTMENT!!!

This is the 'good' picture. What you're not seeing is the hallway blocked by cardboard boxes and paper, the bedroom overflowing with end tables and whatever else doesn't 'work' with the new living room, the sad bare shelves sitting in the kitchen, the daybed piled high with goodness knows what.
All that being said, this bookshelf is pretty gosh darn awesome.
I've got nearly everything on it and I still have tonnes of room left. I have space for two rows in these cubes so I am putting the not so exciting books on the other side. Obviously, I need to buy more books now.

I've used it as a room divider and put my table where my desk use to be....
and made myself a little study! It's so cozy in here.
These photos aren't really doing justice to how huge this bookshelf is but yeah, it's pretty big. I'd talk more about my plans and ask for opinions on different possible layouts but dudes, it's 10:32 and I have to be a grown up tomorrow. A grown-up. Like, you know, someone who accepts responsibility and gets stuff done. Yeah. Me. Anyhoo.

Good night!


j-lou said...

you are sooo european now what with your sectioned off living room.

now put in the damn wall bracket!

Mom said...

OMG! That is SO impressive. I cannot wait to see it in person. Do the kitties love it or think that it is yet one more evil you have put upon them?