Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm buying my coffee tomorrow.

I'm feeling pretty lazy but I still need to shower and prep for tomorrow before bed. It's got me pretty grumpy, well, as grumpy as someone with not a lot of responsibility can get. I can pretty much guarantee I'll have a nervous breakdown every week for the first five years with children.

I downloaded photos for this post randomly, just photos I thought were interesting or told a story, and were in the two most recent folders. There's no plot here. No premise. Just photos. Tra la la.

Firstly, WTF?
I don't know if it was me or what but when I went to wind my black sock yarn for mittens this is what happened. All the breaks were at the same point which made me think I somehow accidentally cut it with scissors, but the cut was a little into the yarn itself, and also, I think I would have noticed if I cute into a skein of yarn and cut SEVEN strands. Sigh. Maybe I'll do some intarsia with it.

It snowed. I still had to go to work.
but walking ten blocks in ankle deep snow/slush is a great workout.

I'm working on a beautiful shawl. It's coming along. A little slowly right now since I'm at 444 stitches per round, but I'm on the last tier with the ruffle left to do so over 50% finished.

It's silk so amazingly scrumptions.

Lala likes me to stop knitting and to pet her right now.
Right now.

I got a couch to go with the bookshelf so whee! The only problem being that I now have no idea how to arrange my living room and I have company coming Friday night. I have way too many end tables. Like, six of them. Six end tables. Plus an oak chest. I don't know where to put anything anymore.

Poor quality photo but you get the gist. The couch is more of a mini loveseat. Keep in mind Spike is a rather large cat.
Lala was pretty scared of the couch for the first few days but now she's okay with it. It is definitely Spike's couch however. He gets so mad when I'm on it.
That being said Spike will sleep anywhere. He's sleeping in this photo. Fast asleep. Weirdo.
Oh! Look at the fibre goodness Knitting Goddess got me for my birthday! Isn't it amazing? Cannot wait to spin it up but I'm so scared of ruining it!
You want to squeeze it right now don't you? You do. You totally do.


And lastly, my one in a million good photo of Lala. Spike I can take good photos of but Lala, with all her fuzziness and attacking of camera cords and having to know exactly what I'm doing at all time can-I-shove-my-head-in-your-nostril, is very hard to get a good photo of.

Oh, and I just realized the topic of this post was crazy cat lady. I'm cool with that.


j-lou said...

we like the living room with the bookshelf sectioning off your office and then your separate work space in the other corner. I vote move all the rest of the furniture outta the room and place your couch and day bed. then add side tables as appropriate. any that aren't needed. turf.

Mom said...

Your shawl is so gorgeous Leone. Can't wait to see it in person. Nice kitty pictures! Have fun on Friday night.

Jenn said...

Nice couch!