Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Part III: All Good Stuff

I know it's not 'right' but I sure do love decaf chai tea. I just like drinking it all the time and gosh darn it- sometimes I want it right before bedtime. Better decaf chai than, you know, nutella cookies. Which, by the way, are awesome. Unless you eat four of them right out of the oven. Then you get quite a stomach ache. Anyhoo.

This is what Spike does when I sew.
I made booties for a friend's baby and I know understand the fuss about this pattern. It's great. The finishing gets a little finicky and I'm upset I didn't take a good picture of the wicked button loops I crocheted but still. Great pattern (rav link).
I'm knitting like crazy on the beeb blanket. Beeb is due in three days. Just three! We did all expect an August beeb but September is fine as well.

Kitten for size. It's entrelac knit on 5 mm needles using Blue Sky Alpaca Cotton. It's soooo soft.
And you will not believe it but I finished my socks! THE SOCKS!!! The socks I started... maybe five years ago? That I knit about ten rows a year on for the past three years? I finished them tonight. They will be part of the next knit blog entry. Cannot believe I finished these.
OMZG I got these floating shelf book thingies from Chapters today (along with The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo- it's the top book on the bottom shelf). I love them. When my bedroom is presentable I'll take a better photo. I really want to put in a fake headboard on my bed so maybe then. I love them. Just love them.
Sunday we went to Granville Island for free dancing in the park- this week put on by Centro Flamenco and it was just perfect. Perfect weather, atmosphere, music, singing, dancing. It was like being part of an awesome jam where everyone is just super talented. It was rehearsed and put together and all, but it just felt like home. Like being in someone's kitchen. It was wonderful.
My view when I looked up. Ahhhh.

This is a nice picture to end the photo rant.

Okay, so I have this crazy ass goal. Are you ready? I want to finish every single thing I am knitting to the point where I have NOTHING on the needles. Crazy right?!?!? I know! Yeah. But here's the thing. I want to get everything organized. Everything I've knit, everything I've cast on, all my yarn, all my scarves and shawls, just everything, I want to know where, what, why, and what to do with it. There will be frogging. I know it. And yarn that I may do away with. These are the times my friend, the radical radical times.

I got this idea because recently I finished three key projects. One was the socks I showed earlier, one was this awful synthetic yarn scarf a friend asked me to knit for her, and one was a pair of soul crushing slippers a friend asked me to knit for her. Noticed how two of those projects were requests? Yeah. No more requests. Anyhoo, I'm down to one cardigan that is nearly done, a hippo, secret xmas present, baby blanket, my dad's cowichan inspired cardigan, poorly neglected crochet mittens (why can't I crochet?) and a market bag. That's it! However! I have a shawl edging that I started ages ago and a mohair cardigan that I cast on and knit the back for. I also have a shawl that still needs to be blocked (I have my doubts about it's overall usefulness) and a lot of my 'finished' projects still need buttons, or lining, or ends woven in. Small things, things I need to get to you know?

So yeah, I'm hoping to photograph and organize what needs to be done and start a finishing. Now, I am allowed to start new projects, which sounds counterproductive, but frankly, I think I know me a little at this point, and if I tell myself I cannot start something, I'll start eight things just to show myself up. That's right! Can't tell me what to do! Ha hah! But as long as I keep on finishing things at a greater rate than I start them, it's all good. It may take me awhile, but this way the goal is actually attainable. My hope is that I will be only working on two or three projects by the end of September and maybe by the end of October... nothing on the needles! If that happens I'd like to create a poll for what I should cast on next. Crazy I know. But goals are fun. I'm excited.

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Mom said...

I can't believe how long it has taken me to get to your blog. Crazy. But it was well worth getting to - wonderful! Those booties are the cutest ever, and I was lucky enough to see the baby blanket in person, in all its glory! Hazel is going to love, love, love it! You have had a great summer and now you have an amazing new job, which is keeping you super busy, but which I am hoping will lead to a blog with pics of your Kindergarten classroom. Love Mom