Friday, September 09, 2011

Penguin Tea

Tonight is the night for my penguin tea. It's not a type of tea or anything. It's just the size of the mug I need it in. Tonight it is decaf chai because, and you'll know what I'm talking about if you've done this, having anything with caffeine in it when you're stupid tired means you just go to bed and then cry because you're so tired it hurts but you cannot sleep. So why do I need penguin tea you might be asking yourself? You probably aren't, but that was a good lead into this rant I'm about to type out.
It all started when I made a trip back home. Jenn, Jim, Malcolm, and Mom all made a trip up to Vancouver to see me. There was some fuss about this 'pregnant' 'lady' who lives upstairs but you know, whatevs. Anyhoo, I wanted to come back with Mom so I could see this guy. Dad. He's a cool cat.

Mom drove down with me packing along some great novels (Origami Yoda) and some reference books because I had been called by my HR to offer me a two week substitute position in a grade 3 class. Very nice. Income. Woo!

Well, it's Thursday, I start this job on the following Tuesday. Fine and dandy. I'm comfortable with grade 3. I make a little unit plan for the first two weeks, mostly class organization and behaviour management, and all that fun jazz.

We arrive in Vernon on Thursday and I check my phone cause that's what I do. Missed call. Mm. I check my messages despite the long distance charges. It's my HR. Offering me a classroom. Kindergarten. Four days a week. Permanent. Let me repeat that. PERMANENT. So I freak out, call back and leave a message. They call back in about fifteen minutes and bam. I'm a kindergarten teacher.

Eek! My poor principal called and was like 'wanna come in tomorrow and start setting up?' and I was like 'I'm in the Okanagan.' and then she was like 'do you have many resources?' and I was like '... no.'. She took it remarkably well. She told me to enjoy my visit with my family and she'd see me on Tuesday.

So even though I did all the things I had already planned on doing, seeing my grandparents, hanging out with my dad, seeing Jodi and her marvelous beeb, playing trains with Malcolm and shopping with Jenn, I spent a lot of time planning and reading. One of my mom's kindergarten teacher friends showed me her classroom (amazing) and gave me so many resources (generous). I planned and colour coded and planned and brainstormed. One evening, when I was going bleary eyed, Mom had a good idea.

I put this down for a while.
We got some of this stuff.
We pressed go on the microwave.

And got this.
It was pretty god damn yummy.

So now this first week has come and gone. I've gotten a complete workout since my classroom is on the other wing of the school and all my supplies (including the paper roll) is on the third floor of the main wing. No elevators. Seriously, it's like a day long step class. The staff is amazing. They've been helping me with resources, arriving every day with stuffies, puzzles, blocks, and other fun stuff. I've met all the students and they are going to be a fun class. My classroom is small for a kindergarten room but it's really coming along. I'll take photos very soon. I've always known how much work goes into a classroom but it's about double that for a kindergarten classroom. And from scratch? Oh my. But the students are excited, I'm excited, the parents are lovely, my coworkers are fun and lovely, the classroom is looking better every day...

and I'm exhausted. Exhausted. I didn't know yesterday if I'd make it through today but I did. And now, with my giant penguin tea, I'm off to spend some time with this.
Bonne nuit.


ms. modiste said...

Omg congratulations!!! What area of town is the school in, roughly? Eeee! So great.

Mom said...

Delightful post Leone! It will be a wonderful week. Can't wait to see pictures! Love Mom

yarnpiggy said...

Dude! AWESOMESAUCE! Congratulations. :o)