Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Plan Needs Modification

I think I need to up it a little.  I do not have enough time!  I know that's a little sad.  But I think upping it to 45 minutes is going to be okay.  15 minutes in the morning and half an hour at night.  That being said I have two minutes left to write this post with the new 45 minutes limit.

So I spent most of today at Jamie's playing SmallWorld with friends.  And yes, we bought it because of Tabletop, and yes, it is just as awesome as it sounds.   We also had blueberry pancakes because last week I went out for breakfast and had very disappointing blueberry pancakes so I instantly texted Jamie and told him he needed to make me some as soon as possible.  I may be a little bit spoiled.  A bit. 

Right but yes, when I did get home instead of going online I knit, cleaned, talked to people through texting, and made myself three days worth of lunches (was going to be dinner and two lunches but I just ate the leftover blueberry pancakes I was sent home with as I was cooking), and played with Lala.  So far the experiment is proving very productive. 

Holy crap I cannot work the photos on this!  So... below are pictures of the Rock Island shawl.  I managed to get through the knitted lace part with nary a dropped stitch or mistake but managed to drop two stitches and decrease on the wrong side twice during the garter stitch section.  If I was a perfectionist I'd be concerned but I'm not. 

These are some darling flowers I saw on my walk with Hazel.  And yes, they are darling.  Have you ever seen more darling flowers?  No, no you have not.  Why is this text centered? Wait, why did it just move to the side? Augh!
I started a new shawl, Elk Tooth by Caitlin French.  Caitlin works at Baaad Annas and is just stellar nice and very talented.  I'd highly recommend going in to say hi to her. 
And now I'm ten minutes over the 45 minute rule.  This may need more tweeking.  Cheers all!


Jodi said... are so funny Leone. I am sure you will figure out a middle ground. But hey I spend to much time on the computer but at least Haley helps me lol.

Julia said...

okay.. i know you've already made lots of changes, but if I can vote for one last one, it is still hard for me to read with the grey background. i'm old!

Mom said...

Your Rock Island Shawl rocks!!! It is beautiful. I am so glad I got to see its beginnings when I was down over spring break. And yes, those daffodils are the prettiest ever!