Monday, April 02, 2012

What do you think hm?


Too busy?

Have I offended all William Blake purists?

Are the colours okay?

Should I work on the background photo so the tiling isn't so jarring?

Why can't I sew in a straight line?


ms. modiste said...

I love the background image. I would maybe say it would be a little easier to read if the background of the title and sidebar were also opaque (like the posts)? That's all I got. (I confess, I usually read in google reader!)


Julia said...

I like! I like the quote change! And yes, perhaps some more opaque background will make it easier.

Jenn said...

You can't sew a straight line because we're all distracted with other womanly duties these days. Like Sims and Jezebel.

tammy said...

Oh! It's your bag! How lovely. :)

I agree with Ms. Modiste though, if you can get the sidebar to be opaque, you'll be rocking. :)

Sewing in a straight line is greatly over rated and a sure sine of insanity. ;)

jess said...

i dig it.
also - my cousin jules is going to be in town in june.

get ready to paaarrrrrrrrrty.

Julia said...

okay, so i have one last suggestion on the background. i would make an opaque section all down the middle to encompass the title and posts and side bar. I am still finding it really busy since the pattern is so intricate. does that make sense?