Monday, December 06, 2004


*ack* school..... sigh........
Okay, have two new things to add to my christmas list cause I'm so greedy. It's true.
  • a DVD pilates thingie
  • really large pottery mugs for coffee
I have made a current decision to get rid of cable for next year because I have so many flipping courses, but I will try to set up my VCR(okay, Jen's vcr) to record Jon Stewart. I should go study for social now. And, for all of you out there, over the Christmas break, I would like you all to motivate me to care more about school cause right now... not so much with the love here. Anyhoo, going home soon! Wheeeeeeeee! Tata for now!


Jenn said...

It is physically impossible to be motivated for school right now. Goes against nature. The universe. I read that in a book, I'm sure.


Coral said...

Yeah, it's psuedo burnout time at the university. Funny how burnout goes away with various amounts of alcohol and lack of deadlines. I bought your christmas present and you don't know what it is. nana