Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Messiah Blogs

Yeah that's right. Anyhoo, some ideas for presents for me! include the following...
  • socks-with monkeys, cats, or owls on them! (Lizards will do as well) Brightly coloured or striped knee socks acceptable as well!
  • gift certificates to HMV or DVDs (unfortunately I want all the expensive TV series ones so eh)
  • a dresser
  • books books and more books-like the first, fourth, and fifth Harry Potter, any on the Kushiels Dart trio (I need to give Maggie back her copy), or gift certificates to coles, ANY of the bloom county comics, or any cool coffee table books with lots of pretty pictures
  • same old art supplies as usual, though no watercolour or pencils, but cool paper to paint on or what have you
  • a really good packsack for school cause mine is all ripped
  • a camera
  • framed paintings or cool things to hang on my wall(I'm not so much into faeries anymore, more of a... chinese dragon phase right now)
  • all about the jewelry
  • a grater
  • pots for cooking
  • toys for Spike
  • bed pillows
  • earphones, the type that go around the back of your neck so as not to muss your hair
so that's quite a lot, basically I'm all for any gift cause I'm not picky, and in a pinch, money will do ; P . Anyhoo, I'm soooo excited for the holidays! Baileys, hot chocolate, and David Bowie wearing makeup! Woohooo! Well, away I go to study.

Blessed be my children, blessed be.


The Bears said...

We'll look for Jim's 'Merican 'Spress Card and get right on it.

OK Bye

Jenn said...

Not to mention shoveling the turkey and stuffing the driveway.

And you forgot to mention everyone must get you two! Be sure to stress that in the future. Like a quiz: please pick any TWO(2) of the following...