Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Cheesies are so yummy in my tummy tralala

It has been so long now since I entered a post. Eh. Not much has happened.


Seriously now, it's all different! I'm 23 now! With great age comes great responsibility! So far I think I have eaten more junk food in the past three days then my entire 22nd year! (That's a mass exaggeration but you get the picture) Yup, I'm 23. I sleep a whole bunch, I'm playing games on the internet like it's going to go somewhere far, and I'm eating food I could never afford on my own so... cheesies, those yummy chocolate chip cookies mom makes, pepsi, and cheesy buns. (heehee... buns)
So yeah, I am also in Vernon for two weeks. It is funny that for the first time that I ever get the time to actually spend a long visit in Vernon, is the first time that I actually have things to miss in PG. I am having a lovely visit though, being spoiled rotten. I just get to relax and try not to think about school in order to remain happy. Mom and I have been shopping a lot lately which is mucho fun.
Christmas was wonderful except for the snow that decided to invade the Okanagan. I remember there was a time this would make me happy, but now that I live a little more North.... not so much with the loving of the white stuff. (or as Sheena pointed out, 'PG is really North!')
So, wanna hear about my new love? Knitting! I am in the midst of a pink and brown toque with a matching scarf! Whee for me! I've got the book I should have just stolen from Julia but anyways, it's called Stitch N' Bitch and so I'm pretty happy with it and wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
New development in school in the dropping of my creative writing course to lower my courseload from five to four. It sucks but I figure currently I barely have anytime to do anything (like the research that I am suppose to be doing currently....) so I decided if I take five course I have to drop all my other activities and I don't want to do that so.
I have got to go to bed now. Even just to get these cheesies away from me! Tootles! Leone

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