Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Better than school

Things I have learned while watching TV in my tylenol induced coma.
  • How to Overcome Sexual Terrorism-I just saw this on the screen. There was an old white guy talking so I don't know if he was the victim or the perp. I continued on.
  • They found a finger in Wendy's chili, which is so funny. Apparently the woman that found it has been charged with fraud but they still don't know whose finger it is. I just think about if I was still working at Wendy's and I was spooning out the chili and if I saw a finger... I wouldn't stop screaming.
  • Yesterday was the 15 year birthday of the hubble telescope.
  • That young lady, who messed up the American anthem, then fell! Ohmigod. Ohmigod.
  • Turns out, Pierre Trudeau, kinda a big sexist jerk.
  • And even at 1230pm Showcase will showcase naked people!
  • Even though a chimp may enjoy smoking and it sure is funny looking, doesn't mean we should give him smokes, it's very bad for him and the chimps around him.
  • Buffy and Angel so belong together.
  • So if I was Rodolphe Lindt and I invented some wonderful chocolate machine, I wouldn't name it the conche! Sheesh.
  • If you jump out of a plan make sure there are no other planes around cause you might hit it and it might take off both your legs right below the knee and if after that you still somehow manage to deploy your chute and land, you may die at the hospital.
And that's all I have to say about that.

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Jill said...

I'm commenting 'cause i hate to see 0 comments. Not that I feel sorry for you, it just makes me feel sad, 'cause one might think that no one's reading, and we are. So yeah, hi. It's good to catch up on some tv... and boy, are you really caught up!