Tuesday, April 12, 2005

In honour of Jen's Blog...

Okay, so detailing the shared genetic makeup and all, I've decided to follow in Jen's style of blogging and see if that helps me get up to her level of doing-stuffness. My schedule is as follows:

Go get my exams from Bill and note all my mistakes and look over how to do t tests since I have forgotten. Return by 3.
Study Motivation and Emtion till we go home, (5ish I think)complete chapter outline so I can start committing it to memory
Tonight I will complete keyword notes for Engl and review all poems
Study for Engl starting at 9
Engl Exam at 130
Study for Motivation and Emotion till bedtime
Exam for Motivation and Emotion at 9
Appointment at 2
Complete Abnormal notes and spend rest of time on Stats

Evening=most likely stats
Stats exam at 9
Abnormal exam at 130
Dairy Queen baby, oh yeah!

Abnormal is for Abnormal Psychology, not like abnormality of something. That would be stats.


Jill said...

don't you find it funny that you are trying to motivate yourself to study motivation?

Re: Dairy Queen. I went there last week and got something I hadn't had since I was 5 years old... a dipped cone! It was nummy! (though I still prefer the Blizzard).

Sorry about the craziness of the dog last night... in-laws were visiting which sent her into a fluerry of excitement (me on the other hand, not so excited about the visit!)

Leone said...

That was fine, I was busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm (well, chili and some muffins actually). Ever since Jen told me how much fat is in blizzards (18 or something?) I haven't been but I figure if I stick to my schedule and hussle I'm going to get a cheesecake blizzard (which probably ups it to 34 or something). Unless it has strawberries in it. Then I'd get the death by chocolate one if they still have it.

Jill said...

Oh, that damn Jenn and her points. Don't listen to Jenn, it's all just propaganda she is feeding you... it's not real, much like cats singing for food isn't real.

Cali said...

I would also hazard to say what most are scared too...listening to pregnant women (especially those who do enjoy DQ)is not real either, where some count points- others count belly kicks, others measure hormonal surges!! I only speak from experience....I was a totally Slurpee junkie!! I mean Junkie!!
Go ahead and reward yourself for working hard- you deserve it Leone!! Death by Chocolate blizzard---there is such a thing?? I may need more details..

Jill said...

what do you mean I'm not real just 'cause I'm pregnant! OOOOhhhh today is a bad day and I'm grumpy... too grumpy to blog (like being too drunk to drive or pick your next mate) Step away from the keyboard!

Cali said...

"Not real" was being used in reference to hormonal surges when you are pregnant, and also that people tend to over-look you for your belly (hence ceasing to be real to anyone anymore) I am sorry if I made you mad and that you had a bad day ( I totally posted that before the whole HR thing :( ) ..not my intention at all to make you mad, just to help point out your defense of icecream.

Jill said...

it's okay Cali, my comment was also in jest (though I was grumpy that day). If I were really mad at what you said, I wouldn't have posted. People really shouldn't take me too seriously.