Monday, April 04, 2005


Exciting news is my two poems in the UNBC anthology, Sawdust. It's not the most amazing thing ever but it makes me happy. It's fun because Florence, Lisa, and lots of other people I know are in it and we do this whole signing thing and it's fun. That's all I have to say right now because I'm just blogging for the sake of blogging and I don't have time to make a long blog but my next blog will probably be on Katimavik. I'm trying to resist the urge to write a blog about how much I hate school cause it's just old news. But seriously, anyone in PG should go up to the University and buy a copy of Sawdust. It rules. Cause I'm in it. Twice. Whee!

And everyone needs to go to Julia's blog ( or 'the middle child' blog link) and read her April 3rd entry about BoM because I think it is very important. Julia rules.


julia said...

ohhh pookie.. thanks for the props.

and yes. everyone should go to my site *wink* - for the article! really.

stupid jerks at the bank. i haven't figured out how to transfer my student line of credit yet. but i will.

julia said...

and anyway... tell me more about your poems! are they luuuuuuuuv poems?

Leone said...

Bah! One's about quitting work and one is me trying to make some peace about being in Northern BC. It was either that last one or one of the multitudes of nasty poems I've written about Northern BC. In all honestly, my poem about the good things of Northern BC is by far one of the best poems I've ever written so.

julia said...


The Bears said...

Oooh! We wannoo see the poems!

*much clapping and nodding in agreement of Bears*

Congratulatoos on having your poems in the collection.

OK Bye