Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The new 'stats' class

I'd even be happy with all 'meh' courses, but no... can't have that! There is a new class, a new 'stats' equivalent class. On the outside it is called biopyschology.... I'm not going to tell you what I call it. Whatever, get a good mark (for this class I will be happy with a b-, but I do expect to get higher), and then get out and never have to take.... oh wait, next semester I have biology! Argh!

disclaimer ~Leone seems to be complaining an obscene amount since school started. Is this her fault or the fact that school is evil?

School is evil.

Well, I have only one other 'meh' course and three smiley courses so I should mention that.

School is still evil.



Cali said...

*singing* Little bit of evil, tiny bit of evil...perhaps there is a way to marry the evil and the stats. Maybe stats on evil?? Although that may cause UNBC to implode-oooh hence the end of evil..I see some logic.
I am sorry about your stats class, you should wear your bad words shirt every day you have that class.

julia said...