Wednesday, September 28, 2005

ten pm on a wednesday

where-abouts: home, computer room

doings: vegging on computer, refusing to study

drinking/eating: just finished a glass of warm milk and am full of yeasty flax seed oil popcorn

last TV: watched so you think you can dance with Jenn and Jim. I'm rooting for Ashle, cause she's totally kick-ass, and Jamile, cause he's hot and the other guy continously does the splits.

listening: Beethoven's Symphony number 7, allegretto (cult classic)

kitties: romping

room: moderately messy because all my laundry is still downstairs

tests: did one today, and on Monday, may have one tomorrow, two on Friday, one on Tuesday, another one possibly on Tuesday

stress: high but manageable

roommates: already in bed

crushes: maybe two, but definately one

hair: dark purple

tattoos: still just three

aspirations: have a bath then go to bed

thursday update: did have test in class today, so total this week is up to five


jon said...

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Leone said...

okay, I had to keep that because what the hell?

Cali said...

I second your what the hell...
glad to hear your stress is at least in the managable stage, and baths make everything better..oh and coffee...oh and crushes..oh and...I'll stop now. :)