Monday, September 05, 2005

stressed about not being stressed

So having a relaxing week can only really happen if you don't plan it I guess. Being frantic about getting all the relaxing things has actually stressed me out. Now I have guilt because I haven't finished my book, nor do I think I have played enough sims, and for not finishing both my knitting projects (I finished one but it's kinda.... messed up but oh well, it's a christmas present so). How did this happen? Now school starts tomorrow and I've got school stress ontop of that. And oh yeah, I might get in the local newspaper with a photo of me and everything. Meh.

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Jodi said...

Hey Leone. This is me writing a comment hee hee. So sorry about you being stressed but if its any am I. I just moved to Kamloops and I don't really know lonely. I miss you...come back :P. But I should get going to class. Have a good day and no stress...think happy thoughts like rainbows and kittens.