Thursday, August 31, 2006

I'm allergic to the university library

I've got some time to kill before the student services office opens. I'm up the university bright and early in order to beat the insane first year orientation rush of students. Hopefully all my books will be in and I can get my syllabi(buses?) today as well.

And yes Podgy! I am knitting something with cables- and they are making me bonkers! I see people knitting with cable needles like it's nothing, meanwhile, when I knit with cable needles, I always have to drop the yarn I am holding, shift my weight, hold the needles closer to me, possibly elbow someone next to me, and sometimes (just sometimes) I have to swear a whole lot. Oh yeah, and this present (since this person I don't think reads this blog, I won't name them but I will talk about it) is a toque with two different yarns (sooooo pretty- like autumn). I knit the swatch as the cable pattern, figured out my stitches per inch, then I figured out what I needed in order to knit the toque. But you see, what I did was figure out how many inches I needed for the toque, not for the cable pattern. So the cable pattern is 16 stitches, and my stitch count was 184, which is not divisible by 16, so I realized this after I knit an inch of ribbing and just figured out a different way of putting the cables on, and also decided to do less cables so I wouldn't kill myself. All said and done I am doing 7 of the original cables and 7 similar but smaller ones- so it looks quite pretty, I have it in my bag here with me, it's gorgeous. Is it too large? Why yes, yes it really really is. That's what happens when you change the pattern and don't bother to knit up another swatch. I am honestly thinking of sewing then cutting off one of the cable repeats. It might make me throw up in my mouth a little but there is no way this toque is going to fit a woman's head and I'm not giving it to anyone else! Oh, the sewing and cutting is usually only done with sweaters which is shown there by Wendy (this is the woman whom I have quite a jealous knit envy for- you can see why when you read her blog). I'll have the full rundown after Xmas. Crap, they are kicking me out!

-90 minutes later-

le sigh. Well, I got quite a bit done but not all of it was as expected. My literature class is studying the buffy film, not the TV series. What the fuck? Blarg. Other than that, the syllabus isn't that crazy so it shouldn't be a problem keeping up with the readings for that class. And I have all the courses I need and then some to graduate, so that's good. I went to the bookstore to double check my books and good is that my one class has no text and my other class has two which I already have, but the bad is that my text for my science course still isn't in which means I'll probably have to stand in line with all the other students for half an hour to get it. My student fees are mostly taken care of until next week where I will have to go back into student services to give them this green slip of paper which will also require standing in a line but the lady there was so nice and helpful that I can't begrudge that. Thank goodness for knitting eh?

Oh right, and about the title, I am allergic to the university library, but I think it is their air conditioning or something. All I do when I sit in there is sneeze. Very annoying.

-60 minutes later-

Ohhhh.... I got a spiffy locker and I got one of those thingies you can put in your binder of the human skeleton (anterior & posterior) so I'll something to do during my science class! My last science class I drew skulls with bat wings.

And I got gum!


Jenn said...

I read the last line as I got a gun! and then I thought, do they sell those in the bookstore? Because today all I got was a stupid calculator (not the cool one I wanted, but at least it is silver) and a spiral notebook (cool enough, but not the colour i wanted).

Podgy said...

I haven't tried cables yet. I'm a little afraid of them.

I just cast on a sock for a friend who is on deployment in Afghanistan. It's olive green to match his uniform. I want to do something fancy with them, but I'm afraid to go overboard and have his army buddies make fun of him. I thought of a simple cable, but then I got a hive on my forehead, so he's just getting plain olive drab green socks.

julia said...

i loooooooove cables... i really do. i'm not sure why. i think its because the first pair of mittens i knitted (knat?) were cabled. ok, and actually, i'm not sure i fully have knit them, i may have not finished them yet. i think i still have to seam them. damn. i wanted to do them before i left. jess has been waiting three years for those mittens.

oh well.

but knitting on double pointed needles? that sucks. hardcore. i hate them.

hmmmm.... now i have to frog the basic scarf i was knitting and turn it intp a cabled something or other.