Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hi there, Cowboy

So... I've been back for a week. I heard a funny story about a very organized woman at the knitting store today and I laughed more at myself because I haven't unpacked yet. Some things, yeah. The first thing I did when I really was at home (technically, I got home at 6am, showered, went to bed, got up at 930, went to work at 1030, so this is when I got home from work and wasn't a complete wreck) was open a package from Brooke which was this beautiful yarn! As you can see, the Bears like it lots too! From left to right, that's Spike the Bear, Daphne Rose, and Mosaic. Mosaic is one of my Bears, not a New York Bear in case anyone got confused. We are all very excited! There are many things we are thinking of knitting with it, like this, or this, possibly this if we are feeling advantegeous. (if you don't feel like clicking on those links, they are all just knitted sock patterns from Knitty) In other news, this household has started their first puzzle! It's a photomosaic puzzle of a bear on a bookshelf that I got Jim for Christmas. If you recall, my family tried to do a photomosaic puzzle of the Starry Night painting by Van Gogh and we ended up not even nearly completing it in time because it was so bloody difficult. Luckily this puzzle is much more manageable, but still very challenging. We have a special mat we put it on to keep it from getting kitty bites on it.
And oh yes, another reason to blog is for me to announce that I want to lose ten pounds this month. I'm not going to list my current weight or measurements, not out of vanity or shame or anything, I just find it annoying when skinny people do that and while I'm not skinny, I think it would be hypocritical of me to do so. So if I figured if I blogged about this that I might actually lose some of the weight. I know I've blogged before about exercise and all that, but if it helps even a little, then it's worth it. I actually did have a weight loss goal for the summer, and I did really well in June, but July is a month of shame (it's fun when you name a month a writeoff before the month is over because that meant that going out for hamburgers and a root beer float on Sunday was perfectly legit).
I still haven't taken any photos of the yarn I got in Kelowna but I will soon. And yes, shout it from the rooftops, I knit a pair of socks!!!! Me! Wheeeeeeeeeee!


Melly said...

OO-OOO-OO I do like those socks!!! Do you knit sweaters?

Annika said...

Socks! I have never made socks, but I like the Boudalaire pattern on knitty. But if I make socks this sweater will take even longer, and I want to wear it!

Jenn said...

Note to self: don't wear socks with my yoga pants.

But yes, very comfy!!

The Bears said...

And now most of the poozzle is done, except for the Bear himsoo. There is a big missing part in the shape of a Bear in the middle of the poozzle.

OK Bye
Spike the Bear

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful yarn hon and such spectacular patterns. How will you ever decide? Love Mom

Helen said...

I need to up my exercise a bit as my running is getting worse!

I'll buddy up with you on the weight thing if you want - but 10lbs in a month means 2.5lbs a week, and I think most people recommend to aim for 1.5lbs a week (any more than that and you're burning lean muscle mass, apparently).

I had chocolate while I was away - I'd done 1 month with very little.

Laura said...

Wow, gorgeous socks! I had no idea you were so talented in the knitting department. What a beautiful job you did. Did you use double pointed needles? I'm trying to knit some wrist warmers with double pointeds right now and I keep running into problems that I can't resolve on my own. Gah... It's a good knitting skill to learn, though, so I keep on tryin'. Have fun with your new yarn!