Tuesday, September 12, 2006

School..... right.

So yeah, I'm completely weird and boring right now. The first week of school- I was so prepared, I was ready, I was psyched- nothing happened. No textbook for one class because it has been backordered till the end of the month so no readings and no readings for my other class because I had already read the intro to the book. I only had two subjects last week so I went to four classes and I was kinda bored in each, but I did try. I took notes which quickly turned into scribbling sketches which then would turn back into notes when I would try to get back on track and once again into the scribbles.

And then there is the lonely factor. My friend Kim and my friend Alyson graduated last year, so I have a lot of acquaintences and people to chat with, but not like I can with those two. It really sucks. I pouted a lot.

Yesterday was a lot better. My methods class is ridiciously hard core and there's about three papers altogether, hordes of reading that we have to get done in about 6 weeks because after that is when we accumulate and then analyze data for our final paper so I'm happy with this class because my other two are so low key that I will be able to focus with this class and while I'm sure it will stress me out I think I will enjoy it a lot more than if I was taking lots of classes.

Yesterday was also my last day at work. I go back in December for Xmas rush which I'm fine with.

Just, I feel really disjointed and out of place now, and it's kinda disheartening. Blarg. Oh well, soon I will be up to my ears in journal articles about self esteem so I will feel more homicidal then disheartened. I'm just pouty.

In other news, I finished the cable toque. Sewing than cutting knitting is very stressful but is also kinda fun.

Whose up for some drinks after class? Me! Me!


Podgy said...

Did you take pictures of the sewing and cutting the knitting? The very concept strikes terror in my soul.

Helen said...

I hope school gets better soon [hug].

And drinks sounds good to me!

Jenn said...

I happen to know that she DID take pictures!

The Bears said...

We helped her take pictoos!

OK Bye
Daphne Rose