Friday, September 22, 2006

sushi and journal articles

Wow, I just wrote an entire paragraph then deleted it because it was soooo boring. I'll condense it so it's more reader friendly.

Have a paper due in three days about journal articles about self esteem that were so tedious to read I kinda wanted to kill myself. My experiences with each are as follows
  1. fell asleep while reading it
  2. took me ages to read because I kept on listening to the conversations of people around me (which I'll mention more later)
  3. skimmed in 45 minutes before class but turned out I was one of the only people who even printed it off so we didn't discuss it anyways.

In other news, I'm going home over thanksgiving! Wheeeeeeeeee!

Poor baby Spike the Spawnkitty is sick. He was up all night barfing up his new kitty food. When he is sick he likes really confined dark spaces, well, more than he already does, so he was in the hall closet snuggled between blankets all morning but I moved him into his kitty tent and put blankets over it so it was more enclosed. I prefer for him to be where I can see him incase he starts to get sick again. It's really hard to try to make cats drink water. At first I got his paw all wet thinking he would lick it but he just fell back asleep (or feigned sleep so I would leave him alone) and then I was putting it on his nose but I realized quickly if I was to do that again he was going to bite me, no matter how tired he was.

September is evil but that's not your fault so I won't talk about it much. Just know- evil.

Oh, going out for sushi tonight.

Can you people help me? I really need to start exercising again because since school started and I quit work I have not been exercising. I use to walk all the time for hours at a time but now my biggest walk is the ten minute jaunt to the bus stop and the stairs up to Jenn's office. I really want to start swimming but I never go! So frustrating. Did I tell you that I lost seven pounds this summer? That was nice.

And I need to buy a MP3 player. Need you say? Do you really need an MP3 player Leone? Yes. Yes I do. Without one, all I do is become distracto girl, listening to people's conversation, looking at what people are wearing, trying to figure out what they are reading, looking out windows, counting lights, trying to figure out the stitch pattern in my new sweater, etc. With an MP3 player (okay, I know that M isn't a vowel but when I write a MP3 player it just seems wrong, don't ask me why) I can just disconnect myself from everything around me and focus on the task at hand. Yes sometimes I skip a song or I will listen to a song but the amount of work I get done with an MP3 player is stellar. Must have one.

Away I go.


Helen said...

See if I lived near you, I'd exercise with you!

I've been wondering about selling my mp3 player and upgrading,but it's too much hassle :doh:

They are good though, both for exercising (couldn't run without one) and for blocking people out...

Jenn said...

Yes, you are correct to use "an" before a vowel *sound* such as "M" or "em".

And really, this blog entry needs a new one - doesn't it? Hmm, with a picture.