Friday, November 24, 2006

22 weeks to go

till the last week of finals for the 2007 winter semester! Can you tell I'm excited to be done? Well, done one undergrad degree at least. Just two years for my second one but I believe my education years will be, probably harder, but better because I care about being an excellent teacher and currently... my passion for physical science and correctly writing papers in APA style aren't as high on my priority list as they could be.

Even though I have a billion things (well, two plus my sweater) to knit before Christmas and tonnes of schoolwork and my room is a complete disaster, I think I'm going to knit myself a toque tonight. I don't like any of our toques right now, some are too tree huggerish and others just aren't me, so I have this amazing wool slub from Fleece Artist that's all shades of deep purples greens and such that would make a wonderful toque... that is if I can knit it without turning it into a disaster. Toques are suppose to be easy but the two I knit for my Uncle Dave are such jokes. I really should knit him another with a pattern so he can wear one of them.

Spike blogged by the way. I told him he should blog more next month and he's dedicated himself to blogging four times next month (well, I also bribed him with Tuna). He really likes all the comments.

I don't have any photos to show right now. My sweater is coming along a little slower than before because I need to finish my two Xmas presents soon. I started a journal for my knitting and went a little crazy with the stamps but it's all good.

Crazy student knitting girl rant over.


Jenn said...

Your toque is awesome! You should give them all a picture.

Eileen said...

One of my neighbours had that plant that you posted a picture of (no idea what it's called!). It was very bad of me, but I couldn't stop myself from bursting the pods whenever I walked past her garden! It's like a compulsion! I still do it!