Wednesday, November 29, 2006

too damn cold

So I've got my coffee, my sister's laptop, two kitties, and a view of the outside that makes me think.... I'll just stay here thanks. It's the still mute blue outside, everything looks frozen and sharp. Brrrrr. The picture isn't of this morning, but it's the same hue.

So my second out of three papers is due today. My first paper came back with an A and the comment that if I had proofread better and not made so many grammatical errors I could have gotten a better mark, which is funny because I am so happy with an A. All my grammatical errors were tense problems as well, not spelling or contractions or anything. This paper right now, I finished last night, is due at 2:30 today and I've got way too many words. I may be able to slash off a few hundred words while editing and try to get it down to 2200, since the limit was 2000, and I know most profs do the 10% rule; however, I refuse to edit the animals. My paper is on global warming so I was really, really, really depressed yesterday. I based most of my research on this book, I highly recommend it. Even if you don't have time to sit down and read the whole book, it is a book where you can just read one chapter or skip to chapters. Very good. Anyhoo, I did way too much research *sigh* and I answered all the critieria for the paper but I know I went overboard and the impact this is having on the animals. Don't care. People need to know about the Polar Bears! It breaks my heart.

Okay, I need to stop blogging and start editing.


Jenn said...

As someone who has gone outside today, yes.. it is too damned cold.

But pretty hardcore when it warms up to -29 from -38. Meh.

Anonymous said...

It looks so pretty! But also very cold. I'm sorry that you seem to have gotten our weather.

Anonymous said...

It's been such a mild autumn/start of winter here! Bar some heavy rain and a few nights recently, it's not gotten as cold as I remember it being last year...

I'd offer to proof read, if you want.

Eileen said...

How much do I hate you for having that weather right now?!

Also, congrats on the A! That really is excellent!