Monday, January 15, 2007

Be Sweet Scarf

Following this short text are some shots of my beautiful new scarf-suppose-to-be-a-shawl- but-what-you-going-to-do that I started in 2007 and is also my first finished project of 2007 as well. It's knit on 15mm needles (I know but I wanted to lacy work to show off the esquisite yarns) and just garter stitch. I really wanted the yarn to be the focal point of this scarf and while I didn't mean for it to be a lengthwise scarf it still turned out perfect. It's short but I can tuck it into the neck of my coat or sometimes I pin it around my neck. Let's just take some moments and reflect on the scarf shall we?

Be Sweet Magic Ball-Ice Cream


Jenn said...

It is beautiful.But I've told you as much already!

Anonymous said...

oooooh... that's really pretty!