Friday, January 05, 2007

'Deep Thoughts'

So I've been having quite 'deep thoughts' lately. The thing about the new year is that it's also right after my birthday and this was a rather milestone birthday (the quarter of a century one) and with my tattoo which was pretty important to me getting finished and healed as well so I've been thinking many pensive and epiphany-wannabe thoughts. Here's a list of all my deep thoughts cause I still like lists- that hasn't changed.
  • I felt different at school yesterday, my first day back, and a good different- maybe because I'm graduating or cause I was still coming off my hordes-of-vancouver-yarn-high, I don't know. It was fun. I hope it lasts for at least awhile. Oh, a good example is when some random person I didn't know was rather rude to me, and instead of picking a fight or feeling sad, I just was cool (I can be cool you know) and at a later point in class let it slip that I have four tattoos and oh yeah, that's right -I'm so cool! It's funny because I don't think amount of tattoos define someone's coolness, but luckily for me, everyone else in the class did. Heh. Yeah. So there's that.
  • I just sat down and finished three yarn projects tonight! Don't worry- photos later (see end of blog for details) but I mean... wow! A baby hat, a shawl (kinda small), and a scarf! This will be documented later because I do want to keep a tally of my 2007 projects ala Wendy, but instead of a gazillion fair isle sweaters, it will be... well.... me stuff. A very good start to the new year I believe. The shawl was started and finished this year, and it's more of a scarf, it was suppose to be shawl-like but it's more like a small square which I'll pile around my neck like a scarf and pin it. Seriously, booootiful.
  • I cleaned my room. If you know me, than you know that this is no easy task. And by clean, I mean clean. This task is so signficant, it too will be a blog entry (I took photos). I also organized my stash (sooo much fun). It was like a cleanse, a non-icky cleanse of happiness. My art books are now all in a line- lovely.
  • My friend Jade called from France! It was so great to hear her again and it was so lovely because we hadn't talked for so long. This caused me to think about all the friends I need to see this year. I'm planning another trip to Vancouver to see some friends, and another trip to the east coast to go to friends wedding and hopefully see lots of my katimavik friends, and my cousing is getting married this year too, I know it's a small wedding so I don't know if I'll be going but I definately want to see my cousins this year, and yeah. Getting back in touch with a lot of great people that I love a lot.
  • Check out my horoscope from Aunt Purl! 'I love me some Capricorns. I have all kinds of Cappy friends, and my Dad is a Capricorn, too. Your 2007 is marked by change, good change, and I keep reminding myself (so I will remind you, too) that all change -- even when it's awesome, and expected, and anticipated -- creates stress. It's just stress. You don't have to plan it away, or worry it away, or decision it away. You can actually have stress and that's it, no to-do list at all. Of course, you are a Capricorn so you would shoot me if I just left you hanging there. Your 2007 To Don't: Don't rush headfirst into a thing just because you have the deep, scary sense that life is careening along out of your immediate control and you MUST MAKE A DECISION NOW. Truth is, this will be a busy and chang-y year for Cappies, so you're going to feel crazy sometimes. Don't make decisions just to assuage your crazy self. To Do: Breathe. Roll along with it for a while, see what your options are, and when you start feeling pressured (ya'll always put more pressure on yourselves than anyone else does!) make it your absolute priority to have some quiet time to think. Your one best asset this year will be your brain, use it! Your second best asset is your heiney. Do with it what you will.'
    • That's right people! My heiney!!! Woohoo!
I have some photos to download before my next blogs entrys, one will be on my clean room (CLEAN), one on my xmas yarn (and yarn related items), start my 2007 FO entries, and another one will be on the successful knitmas 06. And now I am tired. Did you read all my deep thoughts? Thanks!


Annika said...

You should travel to California, too! I'm just sayin'.

Anonymous said...

I need to channel you and do my room...


Jenn said...

The room is quite awesome. As are the knitted projects!

Sheena said...

Of course I read all your deep thoughts, love! And if your heiney is your second best asset, you should totally shake it!