Friday, January 26, 2007

I ain't too bright

So yeah..... I honestly, honestly, have moments where I think I am not lactose intolerant- that I'm faking it for attention. And then I get mad at myself and think 'you've taken this too far- go eat cheese!' and then I have to re-convince myself that I actually am lactose intolerant. But I keep on pushing it. I'm okay with organic yoghurt in small quantities, and dark chocolate in somewhat larger quantities, cause I mean, it's chocolate. So not only can I exist in moments of complete denial about my stupid stomache, but I can also be really stupid about it as well. Just now for instance, I had another piece of cheese. A small slice of cheese in itself is fine, sometimes I put them in my sandwiche, but three slices in the space of three hours is apparently too much for me. Urgh.

See? I'm not really lactose intolerant, I'm just faking it for a blog entry.


D'em be boobies.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god! I love that blanket. It is so, so cute. p.s. Easy on the cheese! Respect your tummy, it knows best.

Anonymous said...

well, i don't know about you but i've been faking lactose intolerance for nearly 10 years now. most of the time it's easy, like when i just say 'no thanks, i can't eat cheesecake' or 'cream puffs make me feel queasy, but thanks for offering'. the hard faking it tends to be when i have to create the physical symptoms (like the ones that once caused me to speed home when 10 mins from the restaurant i realised, 'nope, still can't eat chocolate mousse'). i'm not gonna say what those symptoms are (in case anyone without a strong consitution is reading this) but man, they are tough to conjure up.

and nice boobie blanket. perv.

Anonymous said...

i think you should change the name of your blog to yonnersunknown. but put a space in there or it's yonner sunk n own. sounds like a cheap fishing boat lease to buy joint.

Annika said...


julia said...

ummmmm those two posts weren't anonymous - they were me!

stupid blogger was being a pain