Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blog Meme

I was tagged by Eileen and have puzzled about this for some time now-not that it's a bad meme, far from it, it's just more difficult than the 'five books you last read' ones, but since Spike just posted I guess I should too.

I blog because....

1. of family. Now I am using raspberries to represent family because a) I love raspberries & I love my family and b) because they remind me of my grandparent's farm which is an integral childhood memory and c)because I don't know how my family feels about me putting pictures of them up here. I find the blog is a really good, and different, way of communicating with my family. I like that my Mom will comment on photos I've put up or about something I blogged about that I didn't mention over the phone, or when she tells me that my blog made her laugh. And by family, I mean immediate family of course, but as well my extended family too, like all my friends and the Bears. 2. because I'm ridiciously self-indulgent, spoiled, and I like to bitch and moan, and the blog is a perfect ground for that sort of behaviour. Seriously- I am so hard done by! Here I am trying to take a photo of my hair for my Katima-buddies but I didn't send any of these photos because I looked so.... boring. But it's a good photo for the drama and angst I like to part upon my blog. 3. pirates and satan tell me to blog. 4. knitting. Knitting wasn't really a part of my lifestyle when I started blogging. That was back in the days when all I knew was the knit stitch and would turn out usually too wide and too short scarfs in some sort of yarn from zellers. However since then this has become somewhat of a knitting blog where I like to whore out my FOs but people aren't complaing so. 5. it's a neato visual medium. I love posting photos and detailing how many photos I take of my cat alone- it's going to get pretty sorry when I have kids to take photos of. No need to worry readers -that is years away! Gotta finish and then pay off this education of mine first. So you know- YEARS UPON YEARS from now really. And I'm not going to tag anyone because I think everyone has been tagged. Unless you're reading this and you haven't been tagged, than I tag you.


The Bears said...

It's okay to blog blog when satan tells you, but not have a garoo soo. Because then satan sends rain.

*much nodding of Bears*

OK Bye

Dogeared said...

I think in that photo of you, at first glance there's a resemblance to Summer Glau, from "Firefly/Serenity".


jenn said...

I love the last pic of spike in the box. Man, that cat loves him some boxes.