Saturday, March 29, 2008

Quirky you say?

Since I tagged Tammy with a meme, she went and tagged me with one too. It's the 6 quirky non-important meme. You'd think in her meme she would include the giant thong she knit. I sometimes have a hard time with these memes. Hm.

1. I have hordes of items from all around the world but I haven't left Canada since I was 11.

2. I find piercings more painful than tattoos.

3. If I had to choose- the one dish I would eat for the rest of my days would be Swimming Rama, a thai dish with chicken, lightly sauteed spinach, and peanut sauce.

4. I have not watched season seven of Buffy and may never do so- even though I am reading season eight.

5. I don't particularly care for inspirational quotes but the one I have taped to my bookshelf (during a horrid week in November) says 'Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort' (Franklin Roosevelt). I may change that soon but yeah.

6. I HATE swatching. When I want to start projects I just want to sit down and cast on; however, I do still swatch, I just don't enjoy it one bit.

I tag Drunken Monkey and Julia. Voila!

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