Saturday, March 29, 2008

Holy Photos! (as in an exclamation- not as in a religious sense)

So yeah. I'm a bad blogger. Started my twelve week practicum on Wednesday (so actually, one 11.5 weeks) which is good- really good. My class, team teacher, and both my sponsor teachers are awesome. My team teacher and I (he's another student in the program- my school does blended grades and team teaching so there's actually four of us altogether for 52 students) spend a lot of time making jokes and laughing so I'm really happy he's my team teacher. I'll keep you updated as much as I can. Next week I start teaching math (probability) and science (starting with scientific language introduction lesson but will be getting into magnetism and eventually extreme environments (I can't wait to teach that)).

So there has been knitting. I had some angst last night and decided to buy yarn again but as of this morning have decided to try to stay on the diet. My problem is that I'm really getting into sweaters and I don't have enough of one yarn to knit any but it's okay. I'm going to start some baby sweaters soon and I'm knitting a tee right now. Part of the reason I went on the diet is so I could use up some of my single skeins. I'm also going to go mitten happy for Christmas so I should start on those.

I kinda went yarn shopping last week. I went home for Easter and raided my stash at my parent's house (I had to put some in storage when I moved). So I got the rest of my Ella Rae from the Skully sweater....

The leftover skeins of 'DK' yarn from Lewiscraft (closing out sale) that are NOT double knitting weight which I didn't know at the time. Liars. And my assorted wooly goodness from up north.
I finished a lot of projects the past month. My Grandma's cardigan, the Clapotis scarf, the crocheted baby blanket, the happy baby blanket, and the chocolate cherry scarf (see below for the scarf). More pictures of some of the other ones when I remember to put more batteries in the camera. So now I've started some more projects. This is a swatch for a tank top or something that I am going to knit. It was going to be two pictures to show the difference made by washing swatches but it became the difference between taking a picture at night with lamps and such:
And taking a picture in the morning with daylight (and post wash):

I only have five skeins of the bamboo so I hope it last for the whole tank. The dark blue is my soy which I do love so.

My other project is a second Phiaro scarf requested by my Mom. Isn't it yummy? I just started today and it took me about 30 minutes to wind that skein. I really need to look into purchasing a swift. The first Phiaro scarf I knit is below. It's some awesome yarn from Claudia's Handpainted yarns that I got in Kelowna.

I've received a lot of compliments on it so I'm pretty happy with it. Oh, and I'm also knitting soakers for ze Beeb out of the Ella Rae I brought home. Though they look like fleur-de-lis they are actually hearts all over the bum. Now that I know the row count I'm going to do some fun designs for the bum area- it's actually a really good idea, the designer was smart when she put those in there- it's for extra padding. She did stripes on her pattern. I'm thinking of making some with skulls, maybe sushi images, possibly his name if I get one done soon enough to be used, words like 'My Aunts Rock!', and the such. Any suggestions? Okay, now I'm going to go clean a little and then possibly go for a walk. And oh yeah, my new favorite picture! Mom took it while she was visiting.


Anonymous said...

I love the pici your mom took! You too look so centred and content.

Way to go on the not buying yarn front. It's really hard sometimes though. Like tomorrow, after our knit in (you should come! 1 pm at The Grind on Main) we'll probably wander up to Three Bags Full. That's just so cruel!

Annika said...

I am very disappointed that these are not the religious kind of holy photos. Don't you think they'd be improved by photoshopping in a wee image of the Pope? Maybe fondling your knitting a little?

jenn said...

Hmm, no jeebus. *sigh*

But I love the pictures. And I need to upload those pics you took here of the blanket. I need to do lots of things. I'm currently marking presentations, so that counts - right?