Sunday, March 09, 2008


since I'm not going to get any work done tonight (which is fine, I did a lot of work this morning) figured I should blog about my revelation on Friday. I went for this uber long walk after class cause I just needed some time to think and I realized something. When I applied for the education program, I could tell you all these reasons about why I wanted to be a teacher right? And well, I had to put them down in essay after essay, and this isn't to say I didn't believe these reasons, I did, it was just I didn't have the knowledge at that point to really elaborate on them. I realized during my 2 and a half hour walk that I can now say these reasons with passion and authentic emotion, and that I truly embrace them. I even have more reasons now about why I want to be a teacher. Here are two.

I believe in the public school program. It is so important. I mean, not even touching upon what it means for Canadian identity, open mindedness, and cross cultural ties- it is the prevention to turning us into a have/ and have/not society. It is the idea that you support all children receiving a quality education. I love teaching. Is there anything better than seeing these amazing creative projects students can come up with? Seriously give them a inch and they run for miles! We have a lot of visitors in my school and getting to hear students explain their work is so neat. I did interviews at the end and asking students to tell me their thoughts and opinions just takes their work to a new level. I learn so much from my kids.

Okay- rah rah me rant over now. I am going to go have some tea and work on my knitting before I head to bed. Ugh... I am waking up at 5am tomorrow! Daylight savings is rude.

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jenn said...

Daylight savings is stoopid.


Good post, though.