Saturday, August 30, 2008

Knitting again.... ahhhhhhh

FYI for those not interested in knitting and yarn (who are you and what are you doing here?): knit heavy post but there's a non-knitting craft at the bottom if you just wanna scroll down

So knitting really suffered during my practicum. I think I went for an entire week without knitting at one point. It's so nice to be in a space where I can just come home and knit (if I choose to ignore housework- which I am very talented at). I've been craving getting some sweaters done- I do have skully but that sweater is *so* warm and I need to do something about the cast on edge as it rolls too much. My shawls are great but they are pretty fancy for everyday wear. All my other sweaters have been gifts so I've decided to be selfish and knit some for me, but I will be starting one for Julia soon, once I get the yarn from her :) (she's got the yarn and the pattern, it's just packed right now). So on Thursday I cast on for the Wallis Cardigan with some wonderful Silky Tweed. It's a good thing it's so beautiful because double knitting? Ugh. The thing about double knitting is it doesn't look like much but believe me, this is so much knitting here! It's just all hidden. Sigh. (and yes- those are star war sheets, thanks for asking)
I've got two bags I need to finish though. And weirdly enough it's the i-cord for each that needs completing. This will eventually be the Elisa Nest Tote knit out of Euroflax which I don't know if I'll knit with again cause it's like knitting with straw. We'll see. The bag looks alarmingly small but stretches out like crazy. This would have been finished a month ago but the i-cord you pick up along the edges of the bag and I wasn't paying attention and starting picking up the i-cord on the edge... but then stopped paying attention and continued the i-cord onto the body of the bag. Fail. Anyhoo, just need to cast on again for the i-cord and will probably finish it in an evening or so.
This bag is nearly already done (did I already show a picture of it?) but I didn't make the i-cord long enough so I have to knit another strap and felt it. Sigh. This bag shrunk like MAD. It's Soy Wool Stripes by.... patons? Bernat? Some big yarn company and yeah. Wow. This thing could hold water if it wanted to. I worked on the i-cord for a bit while waiting for the photos to download so it's a big longer now. Basically the conclusion is that I'm not a fan of i-cord. Boooooring!
This project had a lot of i-cord in it but it was worth it to see it on this gremlin! God, I love my nephew so much. And just last weekend I introduced him to Mariocart. He's going to be a pro!

Today was an uber fun day (and it's only 2:30!). I met my friends Tammy, Erin, and Hilary (so sorry Hilary! I have no idea who Heather is!) at Three Bags Full one hour before opening so we could be first into the store for the big sale. I knew what I needed so I kinda just went straight to the areas and looked nowhere else. I knew I was going to be spending money and I knew I couldn't spend any more than what I had alloted. I felt bad leaving so quickly but there were so many people in the store you couldn't move and I started to freak a little. I said bye but I don't think they heard me. I felt bad leaving them but I have confidence that they were able to carry on without me and buy yarn. I can't wait till they post on their blogs what they got! I also ran into my friend Katherine (Kipper) who was my childhood best friend (and very happily we are becoming awesome friends again) so we grabbed a coffee afterwards. Altogether I bought eight skeins of cascade in an off white in order to start my Wisteria and four skeins of Dream in Colour Classy (never thought I've ever be able to say that... FOUR skeins!) for Hey Teach. Want to see a close up you say? Why of course! (Soon I will get a more accurate photo of the dream in colour, it's more purpley.)

And because I was so 'don't look at the other yarn, don't look at the other yarn' I was the first one to buy yarn which meant I got a gift! Holy smokes! It's a Denise knitting organizer and is spectacular! (and um... it's 55$ retail so totally insanely spoiled!) I actually want to clean now so I can find all my knitting knickknacks and put them in there. Woo! And as we speak Spike is sleeping on it. Everything is a cat bed in this place. While my dear cousin Lisa was here we went to a painting ceramics place and had a great time. This bowl was inspired by my tattoos, mostly cause my tattoos are things I like to draw so it made sense to draw them on the bowl as well. I have no idea what to put in it but for now it's safely in the kitchen. Okay, I'm off to return the bad soy milk (ruined my chai latte!) and then wind up my yarn. I don't know if I'll cast on for the new sweaters just yet but I'll keep you updated!


jenn said...

Love love love the bowl!!

And the nephew loves you, too.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog, hon. So much good, good information. Your knitting projects sound and look fantastic. And such a cute pic of you and Malcolm. Way to go with the splendid gift from the yarn store. Bonus! Love Mom

yarnpiggy said...

I had those sheets!

Love that you won a prize for being decisive...something that will never happen to me. :-) I went back on Sunday for one skein of Malabrigo Worsted...yeah, right. :-)