Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I'm calling it.

That's right folks. As of 10:30am, January 5th, 2009- today is a Mental Health Day (aka- Leone-is-going-to-have-a-meltdown-of-epic-proportions-if-she-doesn't-calm-the-fuck-down).

On my list of things to do are:

  • vacuum and sweep
  • put away dishes and load dishwasher
  • unpack
  • play BrainAge and Guitar Hero on my DS
  • brush Spike (should really do that before I vacuum)
  • empty all garbage and take out recycling (couldn't do recycling- I don't think it's been picked up for ages)
  • organize stash
  • get groceries and do banking
  • email my friends who probably think I am dead (hi ladies!)
  • make an awesome dinner for my dear friend coming over tonight (okay- long story slightly shorter... we were the total of best friends growing up but grew apart in late high school and stopped after high school but she is so important to me I would still have fun dreams with her and be sad I couldn't phone her up and tell her about the rowboats and the swimming cows and then I saw her at UBC and contacted her on facebook and she's a total crafty uber-cool librarian so I mean, how could we not be bffs again? She rocks).
  • make tiger butter
  • maybe do a load of laundry
  • be prepared to sub tomorrow- that means all the random stuff like making a lunch, setting my alarm for seven, prepping clothes, but mentally prepared as well. I like my job and I don't like being unhappy about it like I am right now.
  • go get a soy london fog from the cafe so it's FREE!
Now you may be thinking- 'hey, isn't a list of things to do kinda silly on a mental health day' but I need to do these things right now in order to be sane. And the whole thing is waiting around to be called to work is weird and because of my negative headspace I'm not doing anything productive and my place is falling apart and I just need to do something good you know? Yeah, I let you know how it goes. Now I'm going to go crank some Blondie and I'll talk again real soon okay?

And just for you fangirls here's a picture of John and I.


Carmen said...

Leone has a booooyyyyfffriend... pretend that I am saying that like I am 12 and you will get the point :)

Anonymous said...

Leone and John, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Awesome, I love being 12. You two are very cute together. ;)

jenn said...

OMG, I totally had a mental breakdown yesterday, too!

And it actually continued on to today. But, because of that, we got so much done!

And yes, I also made a list. In notepad. I can't get any checkmarks, but it was easy to open.


Mrs.Q said...

Do you mean "tiger butter" as in the best candy in the whole wide world? Coz dude, that totally makes almost everything better!

(PS - he's a cutie!)

Anonymous said...

Your mom approves of this blog, including nice pic of the Facebook verified "relationship" status.