Monday, January 12, 2009

Residual Stress and Crappy Weather

Makes for an unhappy Leone. I seriously don't know how adults do it because I've got myself and Spike and I can barely handle it. 27 has brought with it a lot of bagguage- this is no longer mid-20s. This is mid-late 20s! I should know stuff! I shouldn't be a freak about money! I should be able to walk into my walk-in closet! Ugh.

In other news, I love my nintendo DS. We weren't allowed nintendo systems growing up which I totally approve of because it has made this whole experience 45x more exciting. I now have Mariokart (and Jen??!?! In rainbow road you now go UPSIDE down!), Zelda and the Phantom Hourglad (too much fun! I love how you use the stylus for all the play), Brain Age (good for Sudoku), and Guitar Hero (I've gotten past the easy and medium levels but hard is kicking my butt).

And I've decided January is a month of threes. I don't know why. It sounds good right? So in January I have three goals and each is broken down into three sub-goals with three sub-terrain goals.

1. Apartment
  • Closet- find walk in closet, organize clothing, give clothing away
  • Papers- recycle stuff, organize school papers, organize house papers
  • Kitchen- clean out fridge, clean out freezer, organize cupboards
2. Knitting
  • Feather and Fan Cashmere Scarf- fix booboo, write down pattern and possibly tattoo it into the back of my hand so I don't forget/lose it for the fifth time, finish
  • Dad's other sock (from his birthday. In November)- Do the leg, turn the heel, graft and finish.
  • Angora Cowl- knit another four inches, drop stitches, block gingerly.
3. Adult Crap
  • Budget- budget, get a cooler credit card, budget
  • Job- get TOC bag put back together, find more teachy pants, get a haircut
  • Correspondence (not a crap thing but something I've really let go that I enjoy doing)- send out thank you cards for Xmas, return all my facebook messages (mostly asking me about John- thanks Mom), organize my stationary and send more handwritten letters.



julia said...

cool goals!

let me know if you need help with the budget part cause i luv helping with that.

and um... dad's birthday was in october. don't mean to bum you out or anything, but just though i should mention :)

jenn said...

I agree - excellent goals!

January does this to us all, I think. I freaked out about random household items this month, so Jim has cleaned the back porch, the front closet, the back entrance-way, and we got an accountant.

Angela said...

Yay for goal setting! Don't feel bad about being 27 and not having it together. I sometimes think that people who like they have it all together are just really good actors. *hugs*

Angela said...

That should have been "look like". Sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love sending/receiving handwritten notes/cards/letters, and finding pretty stationery. I'm trying desperately to revive the lost art of cursive handwriting (though whether or not I'm succeeding is an entirely different matter...)


Mrs.Q said...

I hate looking for "teachy pants". It's an ever-present item on my to-do list.

Hope yer barista-ing went well - cool running into you yesterday!