Saturday, January 31, 2009

This day don't stop

It's nice outside. I'm drinking coffee. My mom is going to phone soon. I'm going out for dinner tonight. I can have a nap if I want to. There's very very good veggie lasagna in the fridge. Spike is on my lap (was- now is on the couch- oh well). I'm surrounded by yarn. My DS is just over yonder on the side table. It's lunchtime and I'm still in my pajamas. I don't have to work. This day cannot stop.

Cause if it does I might have to address the 27 journals to read, 55 french tests to mark, (I have a six-week teaching job which is WOO and AUGH alllll at the same time), no clean laundry, no clean dishes, my bedroom is the official Land Unknown, I have to do my budget for February...

So back to why this day cannot stop... there's hot chocolate mix in the kitchen, I'm reading two new books, my sims2 CD is already in the computer, there's so many good blogs to catch up on, I'm crocheting a squirrel, I have tofutti ice cream sandwiches in the fridge... ah.

In other news, how do you reward yourself for work well done without buying stuff? I wanted to do something neato for me in regards to the massive amount of work (it's taken awhile for my cafe boss to realize that when I say I need my hours cut back it means I NEED MY HOURS CUT BACK!!!) I've been doing and really all my things were... buy new DS game, buy new yarn, buy a knitting book- and I wondered, how does one reward oneself with something novel (so it's can't be like... knitting time or something that I do anyways) without consuming? Just a question.

And I am reading everyone's blogs before bed and I'm sorry I'm not commenting. I send many internety hugs.

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brooke t. higgins said...

Many internety hugs back. I'm not reading as many blogs as often and it's so weird. But I miss you, and I hope you're doing well!!!