Friday, February 13, 2009

25 random but lame things cause I'm pretty tired and lack originality right now

1. I look at Icanhascheezburger every day. Sometimes they aren't funny at all and lame but when they are funny- it's SPECTACULARLY AWESOME!!! and I don't want to miss it. I know people disapprove of this but it makes me happy.
2. I find piercings more daunting than tattoos because I feel more prepared for tattoos and I find the pain of piercings very intense and intrusive. That being said I want to get my nose re-pierced and I want another tattoo/get a tattoo worked on.

3. I'm really messy and it bothers me. Doesn't seem to bother Spike.
4. My sister, brother-in-law, and nephew will be here in two hours and my place is a disaster. My sister is very very clean and I am genuinely concerned but I'm also exhausted.

5. I'm sick of people judging others based on their grammar. I mean, I get it when the grammar and spelling is really atrocious but it seems like an elitist bandwagon thing right now. It's like 'you misused a semi-colon? BURN!!!!!'.

6. I really miss my violin but I feel like it would be mean to my neighbours if I started playing again.

7. This is nothing new but teaching full time right now only reaffirms my position on the public school system. It is the most important thing in the world and I cannot be okay with any institution/social concept that would take learning away from a child be it based upon money or privilege.

8. I think I'm an okay photographer but would really like a nicer camera. I refuse to take lessons and would only take a course if it was part of an overall program.
9. Twenty seven is an interesting age. It is (for me) the year that changes things.

10. I have about 50 science note-taking assignments to mark and about 20 science labs to review and make comments on and two weeks of math to prep for and oh yeah, report cards to start up. HOT DAMN! (see- I told you I'm tired. I might as well start writing about how many pillows are on my day bed) (16)

11. I got a valentines today from a grade 6 student who I just met a few weeks ago and somehow he knew me well enough to draw a skull with heart eyes on it. How cool is he? I got a lot of valentines (and sugar) but really, that skull envelope is going in the scrap book.

12. I don't really 'scrap book' as much as glue (throw) things that make me happy into a big paper album. I tried to use spiffy paper but I just made a mess.

13. I enjoy Friday 13ths because they never let me down. This Friday I get my nephew delivered and who knows what will happen next month! Though-I do remember one day in elementary school I was working in the office during lunch with Laura and it was a Friday the 13th and it was insane! We had so many kids falling down, kids puking, and kids crying we ended up going to the staff for reinforcements. I blame self-fulfilling prophecy on the kids' part.

14. I had to frog my graduation socks because they were too small. I have the curse of the too small sock. I can't wait to start knitting with it again. I love that yarn.
15. I don't celebrate valentines day. I didn't when I was single and I'm not going to change that now.

16. I love my nintendo DS.

17. It's a good thing I don't have cable because I get so sucked into TV. I really enjoy TV and would love to have it and watch it in moderation but I know I cannot control myself.

18. There are two new blogs to check out from my good friends: Sheena who is in fancy pants film school and is making me want to enroll and Kat (I call her Kipper- you cannot call her Kipper- only I call her Kipper) (oh, and for my family it's Katherine) who is uber crafty and articulate and just a good person to know all around.

19. In high school my friend Sheena (see #18) would always make each other handmade presents (we still do but due to stress we exchanged squeal worthy gift certificates this year) and I still have the makeup box she made me probably ten years ago now. You can't see if for the stuff in it but it's proof that I need this more than anything.
20. I am a cat person. Seriously. No really- Seriously! Okay sorry. Um... my favorite colour is purple.

21. I am in love with this hat and have bought the yarn to make it. Spring be damned I will wear this hat all year!

22. I have watched Coraline (beyond cool), read the graphic novel (hardcore awesome), played and conquered the DS game (it was so-so), and now am reading the book. I am going to name my firstborn girl Coraline (and if we are doing themes I guess my firstborn boy will be Bod).

23. I miss my sister most dreadfully.

24. If I had my own classroom we would knit every Friday morning together and listen to Jesse Cook.

25. I love Vancouver. I think I may want to live here for a nice long time. I just wish it was closer to Vernon that's all.

Okay... my company is very close to arriving and um... I've got to run.


Anonymous said...

I hope #5 is not because of our conversation the other night about "anecdotal", because I was in no way criticizing your grammar!! Oh, and at coffee today Janet (knitting lady, not crazy one) told us about buying clear clogs from Pennsylvania. We tried to guess why she would do that, but we couldn't. It is to show off your homemade knitted socks. Cool, eh!
Love Mom

Sheena said...

Leone, I love you. You are the sweetest, most SPECTACULARLY AWESOME person I know. (That was the best LOLcat. I look at those every day, too!) You made me a little box with Tiggers all over it. It's in my bathroom taking care of all my lovely jewellery. :)

jenn said...

Oh, I missed reading this - what with being at your house and all!! Wasn't it lovely! And your house held up just fine (aside from malcolm making it fifteen times messier).

Ahh, good thing he is cute, eh?