Sunday, February 01, 2009

Well that didn't work

It's Sunday night. Blarg.

In other news- I started designing a sock thingie with a star motif and I did everything right. I swatched in the round and even washed it and then measured my gauge. I cast on, knit an inch of corrugated ribbing, and started my star motif. Now, when I did my swatch I just knit my star as I drew it- from the bottom up (guess where I'm going with this) sooooo I knit the majority of my socks from the cuff down (just guess) hence I finished my ribbing and started my star motif and on row 10 of 11 promptly realized I was knitting the stars upside down. Awesome.

In other news other than knitting- Bridges? Go. You will love it. Just don't wear a dress over jeans and a loose cardigan. Well, you won't get kicked out but when you see that basically everyone else is wearing their fanciest? You'll feel a little, ahem, out of place.


Sheena said...

Huh, I never would have guessed that Bridges is a fancy place. I would have shown up in jeans and a sweater!

jenn said...

Maybe it was fancy night?

My word verification is chnonkey. It is a good word verification.

Lara said...

but really ... do stars have a right-side-up???