Saturday, February 21, 2009


I only ever blog about how crappy I feel so I don't blog because a) it's boring and b)I have a lot of good things in my life and then I just feel guilty about mopey-blogging but when I write about the good things when I'm down I just get overly emotional. SO I'm going to write an impromptu poem for you that rhymes.

B is for Blogging

back in the day
I started this on a lark
for a school project
in which I received a good mark

we just had a good run
where I wasn't as blue
but now report cards
have me feeling like poo

I want to blog about my nephew
or my awesome get together today
but I'm wallowing in self-pity
and I don't feel that okay

student loans can bite my ass
and mean bank guys do suck
but hey I've got two jobs
what awesome awesome luck

so what if my eyes stopped focusing
friday night at cash out
and my apartment looks like hell
I mean, this is what 27 is all about

seriously though I shouldn't whine
or pout or whimper or cry
my new shower curtain is blue and pretty
and precious sleeptime is nigh

let's hear it for friends
and family and both
for lattes and soy-silk
you get me through it all(th)

I tag Angela, Tammy, Hilary, and Jenn! And Erin too, can't not get a poem out of her. Heck- I tag you all! Impromptu poem please!

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jenn said...

Ha! I just blogged about how boring *I* am these days!!!

I will write a poem for you. Soon.