Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bad jokes about strokes and other things

I had my two root canals today. After the kabillion liters of freezing I was working on my root canal sock and I noticed my hands were shaking like crazy. The lovely hygenist walked in and I nearly said 'look I've got parkinson's!' which I thought was funny but then I realized not everyone, whether or not they have someone in their family with parkinson's, would think that was funny. Bet I just made Jenn chuckle though. Afterwards it felt like the left side of my mouth was stretched permantly and I remember looking in the mirror and thinking I had had a stroke. I also made a mental joke and kept it to myself in fear of not being understood for the comic genius I am. In other news root canals suck but meh, they weren't bad at all. It was more annoying when drool was pooling in my chin and I couldn't do anything about it.

Root canal socks: Noro sock yarn on Hiya Hiya 2mm

Yesterday after coffee work I turned off my computer for four hours. As long as I don't mind spending a lot of time on the computer it's fine. It's when I start to get ooky about how much time I'm on my computer that I do an intervention. Does that make sense? Anyhoo, I worked on some knitting, read, talked on the phone a lot, and lined my faerie bag. I took the straps right off and put on wider shorter ones.
Do you see my bare legs there? Dangerously close.

The lining improved it ten-fold and I loves it even more.

Last Saturday I went to the Trout Lake Farmers Market with Alyeria and Lara. We had a great time. We ate crepes, bought organic veggie goodness, and then walked over to the 'lake' part and did our fibre thing. I worked on my skirt which I'm making good progress on despite my insane inability to count (83-50=23 AND 112-103=20)(I kid you not! Counting while placing markers makes me superdumb in a fantastic sort of way). I'm on my fourth panel now.

Stitch marker from See Jayne Knit
Lana taught Alyria how to crochet. Check out that fierce determination. Alyria, just like she has with knitting, has taken to crochet with the speed of someone who is using performance enhancing drugs.
I'm just a tad jealous.

And check out just a bit of my market goodness. This is the most insanely decandant brownie ever (took me three goes to finish it) from Veganmania with the raspberries that weren't eaten on the bus home.
Seriously. Like just. Yeah.


Louisa said...

Glad you survived the root canals! I've had a couple and I can't say it was any kind of picnic.

Jenn said...

Why yes, you did make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

"Root canal socks!" I'll bet those are original. Your lined bag with its new straps looks wonderful. Love Mom

julia said...

made me laugh too. we must have been brought up wrong.