Friday, July 03, 2009

A Week Indeed (arooni)

Yeah... so. It's been one week since I finished teaching. Among other things I've gone to the dentist and they sent me to a specialist who put me on some super fun antibiotics and booked for for some fun root canals for next week. The REALLY fun part is that these teeth have already had root canals! They just weren't done right! AAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

And oh yeah, I'm going to be super-dooper poor this summer. Those two things are completely related.

So let's give a round of applause to the only reason I've survived this week.

She's helped me with everything. Including all the vital things like holding 900 yards of fleece artist.

She also made me a Canada Day lunch that made me very happy.

We've been knitting. While, Mom's been knitting~ I've been knitting and sleeping and being kinda grumpy because of these antibiotics.

I finished my cardigan which blocked a little large but it's okay.
I finished my cashmere lace scarf. It's short because the pattern was driving me crazy but I just need some nice buttons.
Cast off the bridesmaid shawl and have left it without a border. It just fits nicely around my shoulders.
As for new projects I started a pair of Monkeys with my STR.
And Mom is knitting a gorgeous cardigan for Mal out of some more of the gorgeous Dream in Colour Blue Lagoon.
Spike is exhausted by all this knitting.


Jennmgan said...

Oh, I'm so glad spike is helping you with everything!

Malcolm is climbing the heat register. Another helper.

Anonymous said...

I have seen all your projects first hand and they are beeee-you-ti-full! And the shawls and the cardigans look gorgeous on you. It has been a tough week for you and you deserve to feel grumpy - what with the circumstances and the antibios. Here's to feeling way better - very soon. I had a wonderful visit hon. Thank you, not only for the visit but for all your help with the knitting. Love Mom