Sunday, August 02, 2009

Push: Love and Hate (and ending with random photos)

In style of Jennifurfur I'm going to start with a comparison of two things- one of those things being awesome and one being the opposite of anything awesome- and they have one thing in common. Their name.

Push (the movie): oh it's just so. so. very. bad. And I made my friend watch it with me. How she ever forgave me. I was hoping for cheesy goodness you know? Like some Van Damne (how do you spell his last name?) movies or Stallone where you know it's bad but at least it's not painful! Or even one of those movies that you watch when it's on TV but when anybody else comes into the room you change it to the History Channel and say yes... yes you are watching the show about AIRCOM. Why?

But no. No no no. This movie was beyond. You don't even hate the characters because you just don't care. You also don't know who are the major characters besides the main two so all of a sudden you're like... oh wait, she's important too? Wtf? And the dialouge tries to be funny but it just isn't. I was telling my friend how painful their attempts at humour were and she hadn't realized it was even a humour attempt. I think she 'left' for the movie in order to cope. The real shame here being is that the fight scenes were okay! I enjoyed the sounds and the choreographing but sweet jesus do not watch this movie. Ugh. Painful painful ugh. Like leggings and uggs. Lace edged leggings. Lace edged leggings whose special power is to yell really loud. Yup. Their foes could yell really loud. How's that for a spin off?

Push By Sapphire: I shouldn't actually review books just after reading them because I can never really articulate myself properly. This book is good though and I know I'm going to stand by that. It was interesting because even though the main character goes through so much the book never got stuck or pulled you down~ the strength of the main character to get through all her abuse comes through in the writing so it's like you can get through too. Does that make any sense? I'm so not a critical analysis or articulate person and I can get waaaaay too emotional and mushy when writing but Precious, the main character, is real to me now and it's like I'm proud of her and all this stuff. I mean, I'm also the girl who wants to marry Mr. Darcy, which I know now is a common thread, but still. It's these kinds of books that made me wish I taught high school so I could read these books with youth.

Random Photos!!!

So I went home for a week in July. As usual it was a good time that was had. Lots of nephew kissing and squeezing, Grandparents, hanging out with Mom, watching TV with Dad, and even an awesome lunch with a Jodi.

Flying there we passed by one of the fires that has now been contained; however, as I'm sure many of you know, there are many more raging. It's hard to show in the photos just how massive this fire was or how huge those clouds are but it was very awful. The cloud of smoke just stretched on and on. The last picture is from the Kelowna airport.

Upon getting to Vernon the knitting did commence. Julia wants to knit a felted sweater so this time she picked out wool instead of acrylic so we're hoping for better results than the bag of doom she knit in Christmas 2006 (was that the year?). Isn't she too cute? I took this photo than put my camera down ontop of a table of knickknacks in the basement and didn't find it till my last hour in Vernon so this is it for Vernon pictures.
When I returned home I had a very upset Kitty on my hands. Even though I had the best house-sitter yarn can buy I guess he was just a little ansy this time around.
Not only did he claw and bite my dear friend who was taking care of him~ including one episode where he went Spawn-Kitty on her (ears back, legs straight, fur poofed, walking sideways, hissing, tail big)~ but I guess Spike also decided other things in the apartment had to die as well.
Including the evil granola.


I'm working at the coffee shop lots. We sell those little bottles of San Pelligreno so I've asked everyone to save the lids for me. So far I have 98 lids. If I decide to do the coffee table which was a suggestion from a friend I'll need 361 so I'm 27% there but we'll see. May yet change my mind. But if you do have any of those lids mind sending them my way?
This is the underwear I left in the laundry room for two weeks that was folded nicely and left on the front table in the laundry room. Just incase you're doubting your eyes, that is a print of dogs wearing sweaters hanging xmas lights.
I had to frog the sleeve to my cardigan but I have cast on again. It was tooooo big. I'm proud of myself for frogging and not just ignoring it till I messed the whole thing up. Oh well. that yarn by the way is bloody amazing.
And in a 30 by 30 update, Julia and I have joined the YWCA which is just neat. So this is working on.... #14. Go team!

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Jenn said...

Go team - indeed!

I loved the fire pictures - what a crazy view that must have been.

Malcolm misses you and would like you to please come back right now.

Thank you.