Saturday, September 05, 2009

I fell down in a bookstore

So~ you think this is an ordinary table?

From top left clockwise ...

All The World by Liz Scanlon (beautiful and good for all grades)

Can You Say Peace? by Karen Katz (awesome activities could be done with this book)

The Peace Book by Todd Parr (you can't help but tilt your head to the side and say 'nnt' when reading this) (nnt being the sound that you make when you click your tongue off the back of your front teeth)

Peaceful Heroes
by Jonah Winter (older students for sure but a great mix of everyone being heroes from all over for all different causes)

The Lion and the Mouse illustrated by Jerry Pinkney (o.m.g.)

Shades of People by Sheila Kelly and Shelly Rotner (freaking kick ass photographs)

Bears on Chairs by Shirley Parenteau (I need to find bears so this can be acted out while read) (like I need to find these bears tomorrow)

They are for two different units on Peace~ primary (general) and intermediate (social justice/fine arts).

If all goes well, I hope that Bears on Chairs will have a special place in my heart. I'm really hoping that it will be the first book I read to kindergartners on their first day of school. Is that epic or WHAT?!??!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful selection of books Leone, and what a great way to start off the year with your kinders. Thank you for giving us the names and the authors. I always appreciate that, as it gives me ideas for my class. Love Mom

Alyria said...

very very cool looking books! me like me like!

Shirley Parenteau said...

Hi, as Bears on Chairs author, I'm so pleased to discover your enthusiasm for the book! I've read it to several preschool and primary classes in the Sacramento area and love the kids' responses. So I'm curious. Did you read the book to your class? Your idea of acting out the story with bears sounds like such fun!
I hope you'll visit my child-friendly website at
Shirley Parenteau